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Intersexuality means not having clearly female and not having clearly male sexual characteristics.

People who are classified as intersexual have neither classic female nor classic male sexual characteristics. Colloquially, they are therefore often referred to as "Hermaphrodite" designated.

Many affected people also consciously transfer their intersexuality to their lifestyle, for example by not dressing in a typically feminine or typically masculine way. Many outsiders therefore find it difficult to make an exact classification here. Some intersexual people play precisely with this phenomenon and intend from the outset not to be assigned to a specific gender category.

What is meant by the actual term intersexuality is that the persons concerned move in a certain way "between the sexes". Some of them feel more masculine on some days and more feminine on others. Sometimes there is a more neutral feeling throughout.

However, anyone who notices that they cannot cope with the phenomenon of intersexuality should not be afraid to seek professional, therapeutic help. Intersexuality has existed for a long time and has always been associated with people - sometimes more intensively, sometimes less intensively. Therefore, competent therapists also know exactly how to help those affected to feel comfortable in their bodies (and in their psyches).

By the way: intersexual people, of course, cannot really be categorised as "gay" or "straight" can be classified. As they move - as already mentioned - between the sexes, a classification is not possible here either.

Instead, intersexuality proves to those affected and their environment every day anew how colourful the world can be and that it is worthwhile to dare to look beyond one's own nose without prejudice.