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Hermaphrodite is an old term for living beings that have both sexes - male and female.

A hermaphrodite is a so-called double-sex living being. Here, both male and female sexual characteristics are present. Among other things, there are also hermaphrodites in nature in the plant world. However, they rarely reproduce on their own. Rather, the continuation of the species is usually ensured in a classical way.

The term "hermaphrodite" comes from the Greek Mythology. Here there is a story about the nymph Salmakis, in the context of which a two-sex being is discussed.

In the course of time, numerous prejudices developed from which - with regard to the use of the word hermaphrodite - especially homosexuals had to suffer. Thus, over a long period of time, many gay people were "insulted" as hermaphrodites or equated with hermaphrodites.

The fascination with bisexual beings has a long tradition. Many stories and myths speak of creatures that cannot be firmly categorised as "male" or "female".

But: only very few people are actually hermaphrodites in medical terms. Those affected then have ovarian and testicular tissue at the same time. A far more modern term in this context is "intersexual".

Intersexual people can be affected by a strong psychological burden in everyday life. Anyone who notices that they cannot cope with their situation should by no means hesitate to seek medical help and get appropriate counselling. Also the LGBTQ Scene can be a valuable point of contact to get support in this particular life situation.