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Those who are homosexual love people of the same sex.

Being homosexual means being a man who likes men and a woman who likes women. The fact that homosexuals are allowed to marry in Germany today is the result of a long chain of effort, education and tireless commitment.

And yet: even though the rights of homosexual people have been strengthened more and more in the course of the last few years, there are still many types of discrimination on different levels today. Many physical attacks on homosexuals also show that there is still room for improvement in tolerance within society.

Also, in the course of the 1980s in particular, many homosexual men had to defend themselves against the prejudice that with Aids it was a "typical gay disease". The fear of the virus ensured that many homosexuals were pushed further and further to the margins of society.

In the meantime, among other things, the LGBTQ community to ensure that the rights of homosexual people are more strongly represented in everyday life and are heard accordingly. The aspect of equal rights and the "colourful society" is brought into focus particularly strongly on special occasions, for example within the framework of the CSD.

And yet: despite Homo Marriage and the increasingly heated discussion about when or whether homosexuals should be allowed to donate blood, it will certainly take a long time before full equality is achieved. However, if you consider that even in some countries it is still a punishable offence to love a man or a woman, you will certainly realise that Germany and Europe are on the right track. The coming developments are therefore eagerly awaited by all those involved.