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Homosexual marriage is marriage between partners of the same sex. Among other things, special rights are associated with this type of marriage, as with classical marriage.

In a homosexual marriage, both partners are of the same sex. At the same time, the men and women also benefit from several rights that would be denied to them as a "classic couple" or as components of a civil partnership. A special milestone here is that men and women in a gay marriage are allowed, among other things, to adopt children.

It was almost always a long way before gay marriage was actually allowed to become a reality in various countries. Many conservative forces spoke or still speak out against it.

Within Europe, the Netherlands is considered a pioneer with regard to the introduction of gay marriage. Here, the corresponding marriages were already permitted in 2001. Australia, Denmark, Costa Rica, Germany, Canada and Austria followed.

Many gays see the possibility of being allowed to marry each other as a step that goes far beyond the classic "Yes, I do! Because: this is a special kind of equality that is not only lived by many, but also documented on paper.

Due to numerous campaigns and protests, it can be assumed that a lot will change in the future with regard to gay marriage. Many LGBTQ Communities in different countries around the world are now demanding their rights and fighting to have their partnerships put on a par with heterosexual relationships.