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Lili Paul Roncalli is Dancing Star 2020

Lili Paul Roncalli

Since last Friday it is certain: Circus starlet Lili Paul Roncalli has managed to take home the trophy at Let's Dance. Together with her dance partner Massimo Sinato, she won the coveted trophy. What sounds "so easy" now, however, was a long way.

It was already clear in the run-up that this final would be different - not only because of the lack of spectators in the hall. Rarely did the decision about who would win the entire season seem more difficult. There was no real favourite. Time and again, the contestants seemed to be evenly matched.

The finale was thus the highlight of a show that could not have been more demanding. Despite the high expectations, it kept "raining" the coveted 30 points for the finale.

A reunion with "old acquaintances

As is usual for every Let's Dance final, not only the finalists and professional dancers, but also the former participants of the season did the honours once again. They all got the chance to prove their skills on the dance floor once again.

Unfortunately, the audience had to do without Ilka Bessin's dance performance. She had knee pain and could only cheer on her colleagues from the stands. Otherwise, everyone was drawn to the dance floor once again.

Lili Paul Roncalli is Dancing Star 2020 - this is how the net reacted

Certainly, in the long history of Let's Dance, there was no winner with whom the net community would have unanimously agreed. This year's season was no exception. Many fans of the show accused Lili Paul Roncalli of relying only on her artistic skills, of doing too much gymnastics and thus easily taking home the victory. Some even suspected cheating in the voting and repeatedly expressed surprise that Massimo Sinato was the only professional dancer who was allowed to choose his partner.

The DFB sets an example for diversity with a new campaign.

Others emphasised Lili's tremendous development and agreed with the mix of audience and jury vote to 100 %. She herself was just speechless and burst into tears when the results were announced. The tension of the last weeks seemed to be written all over her face. Shortly after midnight, a huge weight certainly fell from her (and Massimo's) shoulders.

Special challenges for a special squadron

One thing is certain: this year's Let's Dance season was different from all the others - in many respects. While in the first show the audience was still creating an exuberant atmosphere, it became more and more empty as time went on. Motsi, Mr Llambi and Jorge moved further apart and were finally separated by glass walls.

In addition, the three tried again and again to bring a little positive mood into the living rooms, for example by dancing together with the viewers at home at the beginning of the show or - as in previous years - during the commercial breaks. live on the social networks.

Looking back, the Let's Dance season 2020 was certainly a special success at a time when people were looking forward to a little normality on Friday nights. To what extent a tour will be feasible remains to be seen. One thing is for sure: if you were in the mood for dancing, distraction and one or two light-hearted jokes, you will probably get your money's worth this time too.

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