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Those who are about to come out will soon tell the world that they are gay.

By coming out, homosexuals declare to the world that they are gay (or lesbian). Many of those affected are afraid of this particular step. However, it often turns out that this fear was completely unfounded. Nevertheless: a classic outing is often preceded by a somewhat longer, inner struggle.

Questions like "How will those around me react?" or "Is this all just a phase?" often dominate everyday life before "it" finally happens.

Outing usually takes place on the basis of clarifying conversations. Sometimes, however, those affected additionally use the internet, for example by using social media or writing down their thoughts in a blog.

One thing is certain: coming out can often be extremely liberating, but it can also have consequences. Especially in very conservative families there is (unfortunately) the risk that the parents break with the child. In many cases, however, the consequences are far less spectacular than expected at first.

However, anyone who wants to come out should always give those around them the time they need. Most of the time, the dust settles on its own. Sometimes friends and family already had "a hunch" and react accordingly.

Affected persons who do not know how best to prepare their outing have, among other things, the possibility of accessing the services of relevant counselling centres. Psychological counselling can also help to deal with the challenges of this special time.