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Homophobia: Rafi Rachek brutally beaten up

Rafi Rachek

Even today, in 2020, homophobia is still part of many people's everyday lives. A few days ago, Rafi Rachek was brutally beaten up in Cologne. The former "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant was remembered by many TV viewers primarily because it was live on TV as gay outed. Today he is in a happy relationship with Sam Dylan, a former "Prince Charming" contestant.

The latest news about the couple is shocking. Because: they show how extreme the hatred of homosexuals still is in some places.

Rafi gives more detailed info in his Insta Story

The shock is still written all over Rafi's face when he tells on Instagram what happened a few days ago in Cologne. Since the former "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant was called a "faggot" before the attack, it can be assumed that it was an act with a homophobic background.

When Rafi briefly went to a bush to go out, he was surprised by several attackers. He does not remember what happened after that. When he comes to, he is in pain and cannot move his arm properly. He also quickly realises that his shin is injured as well. His friends finally took him to the hospital where he was treated.

In the meantime, charges have been filed. The search for witnesses is ongoing.

What is the future of Rafi Rachek?

Surely there is no question that such a cowardly, homophobic attack can have an impact not only physically but also emotionally. After all that Rafi has experienced in the last few months - especially with regard to his Coming Out - It is to be hoped that the former "Bachelorette" contestant will soon be on the mend again.

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After all, many pictures of him and his boyfriend have already shown that he does indeed seem to have arrived. It would be a shame if he were to change his decision to go public. Outingwhich has certainly also impressed many other gays. In addition, his public commitment to men has also ensured that the image of the reality TV star has changed. While he was still very polarising in the "Bachelorette" season with Nadine Klein, he developed into a darling of the public for many during "Bachelor in Paradise" at the latest.

No "Summer House of the Stars" for Rafi and Sam

One decision, however, which has nothing to do with the attack on Rafi in Cologne, has already been made: Rafi and Sam will not take part in this year's "Summer House of Stars". In a statement to BILD, Rafi explained that he and his partner were afraid of the "curse" of the summer house.

After all, at least one couple would always break up after a season. The statistics prove him right. It doesn't matter whether Bert Wollersheim, Nico Tail or Micaela Schäfer: they all split up with their partners either directly after the "Summer House of the Stars" or shortly afterwards.

However, one question remains unanswered: will Nicolas Puschmann be part of the team instead of Rafi? After all, he managed to find his sweetheart in his "Prince Charming" season and has been living with him in Düsseldorf ever since. So both of them would certainly be perfectly suited to bring a little "Pride" into the upcoming season.

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