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Raffa's Plastic Life: a look at the successful Syoutuber and her fanbase

raffa's Plastic Life a look at the successful youtuber and her fanbase

If you are looking for funny content and sometimes also profound messages from a woman who was originally born a man, you will come across Raffa's YouTube channel comparatively quickly.

Under the name "Raffa's Plastic Life", the Swiss woman currently has almost 700,000 followers. But what is so special about a Youtuber who, in her first video, talked about Satan sitting on her couch in the middle of the night?

The channel's fan base is growing. It seems as if someone is living his dream here, but at the same time not forgetting the dark side of life. And exactly THAT is what makes Raffa so likeable for many.

Recognisable features and a lot of self-irony

Many Youtubers know that the internet and self-irony often belong together. If you can laugh at yourself, you can also inspire other people about a certain topic. Raffa seems to have understood precisely this principle.

The Youtuber doesn't take herself too seriously, has no problem showing herself without make-up in front of the camera or talking about depression and therapies. So her fans know that she had to suffer from panic attacks in the past and that there are days when she obviously doesn't like herself. Again and again, the sympathetic impression "Yes, she is one of us!" is created... and this despite the fact that Miss Plastic has a special lifestyle. She has her own taste and obviously has no problem representing it. It starts with endlessly long fingernails and ends with beauty procedures, which she often takes her community to see on video.

Pocher and Papa on the road

Her special recognition feature? The way she greets her fans. Frequently peeped away lately, she belts out her familiar "Hello, hello, hello, B****!" before talking about men, being single and lifestyle.

The move to other areas

Because of her special manner, Raffa has also come to the attention of television. The Swiss recently commented on the season of the German "Promi Big Brother" and the new series "Promis unter Palmen".

Her sayings went down well with many viewers. For some, however, the whole thing was too much of a good thing. Through the corresponding engagements, her level of popularity has probably increased once again.

Flirting as a former man - help for those affected?

Regardless of whether gay, transgender or both: there are certainly many people who, after an operation or a Coming Out wonder how their love, sex and relationship lives will go on. A look at Raffa's channel can help give a little insight into possible scenarios.

For example, the Youtuber signs up for online chats and flirt apps and also chats out of the closet with regard to real dates. Unforgettable: the guest appearances of her ex-boyfriend, who was hyped by her community in a special way.

If you are looking exclusively for good mood and "everything will be fine!" videos, you will probably not find what you are looking for at Raffa. However, if you are looking for an honest, sometimes exaggerated, but always respectful view of the Scene and the special challenges after gender reassignment should be in good hands here.

After all, it is often worth more to remain realistic than to be disappointed in hindsight and with overly optimistic expectations in advance.

Often children of rainbow families are bullied.

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