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Gay contacts in Hannover: These are the top addresses in the gay city of Hannover!

There is still disagreement as to whether Hanover is really a gay city. But one thing is certain, the city is well on its way to becoming one. For example, Hanover is setting an example of equal rights and has same-sex traffic lights illuminated at pedestrian lights. In addition, the city's mayor is considering designing zebra crossings in the city centre in rainbow colours.

The best conditions for equality and tolerance in the capital of Lower Saxony. With its 538,000 inhabitants, Hanover is one of the 15 most populous cities in Germany. Between the Leine River and the Mittelland Canal, Hanover covers an area of about 200 km² and is connected to the inland waterway network with several harbours. The city is particularly easy to reach by gay travel via its international airport or the highly frequented main railway station by train.

The city is particularly popular with tourists for its cultural highlights, such as an opera house, numerous museums and theatres, several universities and countless shopping opportunities. With numerous trade fairs, such as the Hannover Messe on the world's largest exhibition grounds, Hannover is one of the leading trade fair and congress cities in Europe and therefore attracts many people to the former Hanseatic city, especially during such events.

Gay dating in Hannover

Why is Hanover so exciting for gays?

Contrary to the long-held view that Hannover is boring, grey and unspectacular, the city has a lot to offer. Hannover's city forest "Eilenriede" is almost twice as large as New York's Central Park and offers plenty of opportunities for local recreation. In addition, the 2.5 km long Maschsee lake is right next to the city centre. Hardly any other city offers jogging, cycling, swimming and even sailing so close to the city centre.

So that you can be optimally informed about the Gay Scene in Hannover, we've picked out some of the city's gay hot spots for you here. But these are not only perfect for getting to know gay people. About our Gay chat you have the opportunity to get in touch with gays in Hannover and your surroundings quickly and easily. Our locations are also perfect for a first date or an excursion.

The best gay bars and cafés in Hannover

The most traditional gay bar in Hanover: Burgklause

Address: Burgstraße No. 11 in the district of Hannover Mitte

Everyone is welcome at the Burgklause near the centre of Hanover! The pub is one of the cosiest in the city and has more the atmosphere of a living room where you can spend a nice evening with your family. This is probably why the pub is so popular with Hannover's gay community. The cult pub has been in the hands of homosexual men and women since 1966, so it can definitely be called a traditional pub. 

But in addition to the cosy living room pub, the Burgklause also has another side. Parties are regularly held here, for which the Burgklause is known and notorious far beyond the borders of Hanover. As different as the visitors to the pub are, so too are the theme parties and events.

Let yourself be tempted by fair drink prices, nice bartenders and the large collection of wooden Penis-Convince yourself personally of the quality of the gay bottle openers and pay a visit to the Burgklause. The pub offers you the best conditions to meet gay men in Hanover and have a lot of fun!

Pure romance in the Bar Romantis

Address: Lavesstraße No. 64 in the district of Hannover Mitte

If you are looking for a special bar in Hanover, you should not miss a visit to Bar Romantis! Known as a meeting place for young and old as well as a scene meeting place of the Hanoverian gay community, the bar offers you a multifaceted offer. In keeping with this, the bar is equipped with a particularly extravagant ambience. Squiggly, whimsical and golden, that probably describes the ambience best. You can take a seat in ornate seating niches and admire the more than 400 guardian angels, several aquariums and terrariums as well as antique portraits of great divas that have been worked into the brickwork.

A delicious cocktail or a cool beer is a great way to spend a romantic evening. The Bar Romantis is therefore an ideal meeting place for a first date with gays from our gay chat. If you prefer to meet Hanover's gays in person, you will certainly not be disappointed here. 

Especially during events like a music quiz or the very popular karaoke evening, the bar is rarely empty. Stop by and experience the flair of the Bar Romantis for yourself!

A popular meeting place for the scene: Café Konrad

Address: Knochenhauerstraße No. 42 in the district of Hannover Mitte

Located in the middle of Hanover's beautiful old town, the café has been a Hanoverian institution in the gay community for over 20 years. Originally a gay-only café, you hardly notice it anymore. The café attracts a very mixed clientele with delicious cakes and tarts and the finest coffee variations. 

Nevertheless, the café is still a popular meeting place for the scene. Various breakfast options are served until 4 pm, all of which are named after famous divas. On the two floors of the café there is a cosy place for you and your companion or you can take the initiative and talk to one of the many gay men in the café!

The best gay clubs & events in Hannover

Hanover's No.1 gay club: Gay sow

Address: Schaufelder Straße No. 30a in the district of Nordstadt

By gays for gays - that's Schwule Sau Hannover. Queer people and groups regularly organise parties and extravagant bar evenings here for Hannover's gay community. Everyone is welcome and accepted here. The non-commercial location is run by "anders queer e.V." Hannover, but the organisation and responsibility lies with the plenum. Here you will find everyone who is regularly involved in the parties and their organisation. So please get in touch with your ideas and wishes, because everyone is welcome to celebrate and get involved in the Schwulen Sau.

For almost 30 years, Schwule Sau has been thrilling Hanover's gay community and attracting numerous gays from the region at its regular events. In addition to black light or Ballermann parties, the Cabaret Vertigo party also attracts some gays to the bar.

The Schwule Sau offers a varied and diverse programme that is definitely worth a visit. In addition, you support the gay community of Hanover with your visit to the bar, so it is especially worthwhile to stop by here!

Techno party in Hanover: (Men's) Factory

Address: Engelbosteler Damm No. 7 in the district of Nordstadt

Although the club is no longer run as a pure gay disco, the wild times of the Men's Factory are far from forgotten in Hanover's gay community. For a long time, the club was known and notorious throughout Germany for hard gay parties. Men came to Hanover from all over Germany at weekends to party to techno and house beats. The monitors played Hardcore-porn and sex was not only in the Darkroom of the club is common.

As the techno culture grew, so did the club's audience and so the Men's Factory developed more and more from a pure gay club to a club that is open to all people. Today, under the name "Factory", the club still attracts numerous visitors, among whom there is still a large proportion of gays. The cult club is still the Top-This is the place to be in Hanover to party to techno, house and electro. 

The hottest meeting places: Gay saunas and cruising clubs in Hanover

Are you looking for the perfect location to make uncomplicated sex contacts or to relax in nice company? Then you should take a look at our top locations of gay saunas and cruising clubs in Hannover. Here, not only the high temperatures of the sauna will make you sweat!

Germany's first gay sauna: Volcano Sauna Hanover

Address: Street no. in district XX

The Gaysauna "Vulkansauna" was not only the first gay sauna in Germany, but is still one of the largest gay saunas in Europe!

The sauna was initially opened as a restaurant, as sexual acts by homosexuals were still punishable. The abolition of Section 175 opened up the possibility for the operators to convert the restaurant into a gay sauna. Right from the start, the sauna enjoyed great popularity in Hanover's gay community and far beyond. Due to the large number of visitors, the premises quickly became too small and the Vulkansauna moved to its current address. In the process, the entire building was transformed into a sauna landscape for men. Since then, the sauna has impressed with its comfort, cosiness and even overnight accommodation for guests.

The sauna is constantly being modernised and redesigned. You can therefore enjoy the latest technology and top-equipped wellness areas. 

The sauna is open every day and even opens its doors to hot gay boys on weekends. The sauna offers a variety of aromatic infusions and relaxing massages at regular events and promotions, such as the wellness weekends. For the younger gays, the U30 Wednesday event is particularly interesting. Here come all men under 30 years of age can use the sauna at a reduced rate and relax together.

In the gay sauna "Vulkansauna" you can not only relax wonderfully among like-minded people, but also quickly make sex contacts and enjoy yourself on 5 floors in the sauna landscape. In addition to a Finnish sauna, a steam labyrinth and whirlpools, the dark room in particular is an exciting adventure. Another special feature of the sauna are the numerous cabins into which you can retreat and which you can even rent for the whole night if you wish! A visit to the Volcano Sauna promises you more than just the pleasure of sweating - don't miss it!

The porn cinema for gays in Hanover: Joe's Dark and Playroom

Address: Odeonstraße No. 6 in the district of Hannover Mitte

If you're looking for a porn cinema to cruise, Joe's Dark and Playroom is the place to go. Unlike many other cinemas, only men are admitted to Joe's, which is why you're sure to get your money's worth here. The cinema has been in operation since 1999 and is the largest cinema in the country. Gaykino Hanover's daily gay boys from all over the city. 

In the club area of the location you can relax with drinks and keep an eye out for hot gay boys. The DJ will get you in the mood with the right beats before you dive into the playroom. 

The Playroom offers you a variety of rooms with different themes in which you can live it up. On 380 m², the darkroom and playroom of Joe's offers you plenty of space for sex. In the playroom, spacious single cabins with new and especially hot videos await you. The cruising area of the club offers you a variety of themed rooms where you can enjoy yourself with or without a partner. Next to a semi-open sunbathing area, Sling In the small cabins and the SM area, as well as in the larger cabins with a bed, there are also possibilities to retreat in privacy. Gloryholes, bubble cabins, a cage and a large wet zone leave nothing to be desired. 

If you need a refreshment after the action, there are several showers available or you can go back to the bar and have a refreshing drink. 

The club and playroom also include a gay sex club and video store. At Joe's Dark and Playrooms you are sure to meet gay men. You can also arrange to meet gay men from our Gay chat the cinema is very well suited. A visit is definitely more than satisfying.

Party location and porn cinema: Maze

Address: Odeonstraße No. 6 in the district of Hannover Mitte

Unlike Joe's, the Maze is not a gay-only club, but accepts and tolerates everyone. Here, everyone is allowed to be who and how they really are. First contacts are made at the bar before things get down to business in the back part of the club. Individual lockable booths are available for intimate hours. But things can also get hot at the bar. A small show stage is ready for your performance. Dancing on the pole or in a cage, you can certainly get some gay boys really hot for you. If it gets too hot for you, despite the air conditioning, you can stow your clothes and valuables in the cloakroom or lockers before diving further into the adventures of the maze. 

In addition to a large gay cinema with weekly changing films, you can also choose your own films in the solo cabins. The play area is ideal for cruising in public, while lockable rooms, sling rooms and gloryholes are more private. In the S&M basement of the maze you can live out all your preferences and fetishes. Special experiences are offered by the Voyeur-There are three rooms, the darkroom, the separé and the mirror room. If you need a refreshment after hot sex, there is a large shower area for you or your use.

As you can see, the cinema offers you all the possibilities to satisfy your needs and preferences. It is therefore very worthwhile to experience the Maze for yourself during a visit to Hanover. The club is especially convenient for people passing through, because you can reach the club on foot from the main station in less than ten minutes!

He is looking for him: Cruising in Hanover

If you are looking for suitable cruising places in public, you will like our hot spots for fast sex in Hannover!

Cruising at the Maschsee: Flap at the Bismarck School

Located on the corner of Altenbekener Damm and Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer, the toilet stall attracts numerous gay men every day who come to the Flap would like to have fun. Between the cabins you will find a Glory Hole available and it usually does not take long for this to come into use. In summer, the toilet facility is open from 9 am to 7 pm and in winter from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Cruising in the flap on City cemetery Stöcken

The Klappe am Stadtfriedhof Stöcken is located outside the centre north of Hanover, but is still a popular meeting place for gay boys from Hanover. However, you need to take the initiative, because there is no glory hole yet. Rather, you will meet gays here who do it at the pool and who like to retreat with you into one of the cabins.

Nudist bathing on Lake Schulenburg

Located in the north of Hanover and very close to the inland port, Schulenburger See offers more than just swimming fun! Surrounded by bushes, the place is particularly popular for naked sunbathing and swimming. For fun, people then retreat into the bushes. The lake is very popular with gay boys from the region, especially because of the many quiet places to swim and retreat.

However, many of Hannover's cruising hot spots have unfortunately been closed or made inaccessible over time. For example, trees have been felled and entire areas cleared in some popular car parks, making it impossible to retreat. In addition, toilet blocks with flaps are increasingly being closed or controlled. Alternative cruising options include cruising clubs and cinemas, so you can still get your money's worth!

The history of gays in Hanover

In the past, here especially between the end of the 18th and the end of the 19th century, gay life in the city of Hanover, as in many other German cities, took place behind the facades. There was no thought of a public appearance. The gay pub "Kartoffelkeller" (potato cellar), for example, as the name suggests, was the gay meeting place in the cellar of the state parliament building until 1955. In Hanover, too, numerous homosexuals were locked up in concentration camps during the Nazi era and thousands were killed. This compulsion to secrecy drove Hanover's gays to satisfy their lust in hidden places. The underground toilets in Hanover were particularly popular as meeting places for quick sex. The "toilet women" of the time were well aware of this, but they did not dislike it, because they earned extra money by preparing the flaps for Hanover's gays.

Fortunately, time also changed the acceptance of gays in Hanover. Today, gays are represented in the numerous trendy bars, but are also accepted in the city. Hanover is considered to be very tolerant towards gays, but this is difficult to see due to the typical "northern German reserve". In terms of gay city Hannover is still far behind big cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne, but definitely on the right track. Especially with campaigns like gay traffic lights or rainbow zebra crossings, the city is sending a clear signal of acceptance and mutual tolerance. Nevertheless, a lot still needs to happen in the city to be accepted as a gay city. 

This project is supported not only by the Lord Mayor himself, but also by the many voluntary associations of gays and lesbians in Hanover. Thus, the tourist "red thread" for exploring the sights of Hanover was used to develop a new concept of the "Pink thread" to develop. In addition to the well-known sights, the history of homosexuals in Hanover and former and current gay meeting places will also be visited. 

Especially the "SLS Leinebagger Hannover" is known as a gay-The first gay and lesbian sports club in Lower Saxony. The first gay and lesbian sports club in Lower Saxony offers numerous sports and the opportunity to get together, exchange ideas and do sports without prejudice or discrimination. In addition, numerous clubs support Hanover's gay community. 

The gay tent at the Hanover Schützenfest is particularly well-known and almost unique. Advertised as Germany's biggest gay party marathon, the event attracts thousands of gays from all over the country to Hanover every year. Almost as well attended is the Oktoberfest with a Gaywiesn at the Hofbräu Hannover. People celebrate, sway and drink plenty of beer to the music of an Oktoberfest band.

It is impossible to imagine Hannover's gay community and cultural life without the queer film festival "Perlen". The largest queer film festival in Northern Germany takes place annually in Hannover's Künstlerhaus. The film festival has existed in its current form for over twenty years. Before that, however, the Künstlerhaus had been running an all-gay film festival since the 1970s.

Christopher Street Day in Hanover

Every year, Christopher Street Day in Hanover traditionally opens the rainbow season in Germany on the Whitsun weekend. Starting centrally on Opernplatz, the parade for the demonstration with numerous floats, banners and foot groups makes its way through Hanover's city centre. The festival is rounded off by a large street festival with numerous stalls from various companies and organisations as well as a varied stage programme on two stages. In addition to gastronomic stands, there will also be numerous stands of the Aidshilfe Hannover or other counselling centres. For example, the association SCHLAU Hannover e.V. These associations have declared it their goal to stand up for gays, lesbians and everything in between, to educate people about other ways of life, but also to inform homosexuals about diseases, risks and much more, as well as to advise them.

Christopher Street Day is organised by the voluntary association "CSD Hannover". In addition to supporting the volunteers in the organisation or on the day itself with the implementation, there is the possibility for you, active to take part in the demonstration. Whether alone or in a group, on foot or as part of a parade float - everyone is welcome to support the rainbow community on its way to more acceptance, tolerance and equality!