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A glory hole is a hole in the wall through which the penis is inserted to be satisfied on the other side.

A glory hole is a hole in a partition wall. It can be used to insert the glove on one side and the glove on the other side. Penis and have it satisfied on the other side. From classic sex to oral sex and handjobs, just about anything is allowed here.

The famous glory holes are often found in partitions of toilets (for example at a rest area) or in sex booths. Many sex cinemas now also offer these special "extras". Here, visitors have the opportunity to watch a porn film in a separate area and then - at the same time - be satisfied.

Due to the fact that both partners are separated from each other by a wall, the glory hole adventure is usually anonymous sex. However, that is often exactly what makes it so appealing. No one knows who is on the other side.

Incidentally, this thrill is often exploited by swingers' clubs, where the glory holes are sometimes offered to heterosexual visitors, of course.

However, despite all the passion, safety and hygiene should not be ignored. It is usually safer - especially with regard to bacteria and co. - to try out glory holes in sex cinemas and clubs. Especially in toilets at rest stops, the whole thing is - in the truest sense of the word - a little more difficult. dirty.