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A flap is a place where gays can meet for casual sex.

A flap is a public toilet where gays have the opportunity to meet for spontaneous and non-committal sex. Flaps are mainly (but not only) found at motorway service stations and enjoy a high degree of popularity in the respective regions.

Unfortunately, hygiene leaves much to be desired in connection with most of the flaps. Due to the fact that these are public toilets, the locations are visited by quite a few people every day.

Fans of especially dirty sex and cruising adventures come here, however, usually get their money's worth. Anyone who wants to try sex in a flap should in any case make sure "safe" on the road. Otherwise, there is a high risk of transmitting infections.

Anyone who fancies this kind of spontaneous sex can either drop by spontaneously or arrange a date on the internet. Especially on the larger motorways and in big cities, there is no shortage of flaps in most cases. The various places are also popular in connection with cruising adventures and are usually visited regularly, especially in the evening and at night.

A special variant of the flap is the so-called "Glory Hole"This is a hole in the wall of a public toilet. This is a hole in the wall of a public toilet through which, on the one side, the Penis is plugged into the other side in order to create a Blowjob or Handjob to get.