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The Swiss Diversity Award on 05 September 2020

The Swiss Diversity Award on 05 September 2020

On 05 September it's that time again! On this day, the Swiss Diversity Award presented. The event is entering its second round. The nominations are as exciting as the message behind the popular event.

Among other things, it is about making a clear statement for versatility even at Corona times. With the help of the event, people from the most diverse areas are to be promoted and supported.

The goal: even better inclusion and a more tolerant, open society. Even if the Swiss Diversity Award primarily relates to the situation in Switzerland, this is a message that also plays a major role internationally and will certainly be well received again accordingly.

Who will receive a Swiss Diversity Award?

The list of nominees who can hope for a Swiss Diversity Award this year is as colourful as the Rainbow flag. The possible winners come from the most diverse areas and accordingly cover a broad spectrum.

In summary, the aim is to honour individuals, companies and organisations that have distinguished themselves through their comprehensive commitment in connection with the LGBTQ Scene have positively highlighted.

In this context, it is completely irrelevant what exactly the said commitment referred to or refers to. What is important is the connection to the LGBTQ community and the heart and soul behind the respective actions.

A total of eight awards will be presented at the Awards on 05 September 2020 in Bern, including in the categories "Politics", "Entertainment" and "Lifetime Award", awarded.

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Swiss Diversity Award Cup

A great show with a high glamour factor

A look at the guest list of the last Swiss Diversity Award event shows that not only many representatives of the scene, but also some celebrities were present.

This year, too, there are likely to be a number of celebrities on site who will not want to miss out on this exciting (and important) award. After all, an appearance can also be seen as a meaningful statement. Not only Swiss, but also international guests are likely to make their way to Bern in 2020.

And what would an award ceremony be without a healthy portion of entertainment? Here, the Swiss Diversity Award is not much different from other events of its kind. Guests can certainly expect a mix of message, profundity and entertainment again this year.

The Swiss Diversity Award in times of Corona?

The Swiss Diversity Award is one of the events that is significantly influenced by the Corona crisis. Originally, the event was supposed to take place in April. The date around September is therefore an alternative date.

The entire event and its implementation will take place in close coordination with those responsible in the cantonal authorities. This aspect also includes the possibility that the event can be cancelled if necessary.

Another change was made in connection with the number of guests allowed. This was limited to a maximum of about 350. As is customary in Germany, they have to register so that infection chains can be traced in an emergency.

One thing is certain: even if we follow the Corona safety guidelines, the wonderful message that emanates from the Swiss Diversity Award will not suffer.

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Swiss Diversity Award



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