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Nerd dating - why it's so much fun to date these adorable guys

Why it's so much fun to date a nerd

Ever since Dr. Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his buddies won the hearts of viewers, it has been clear that nerds are by no means outsiders, but real guys with a penchant for special hobbies and interests.

The Beauty and The Nerd" also proves to its fans with every episode that it can be worthwhile to look behind the façade and give everyone a chance.

But why are dating nerds actually so much fun? What is it that fascinates these people who are so admirably self-confident that they apparently give little thought to what others think of them?

One thing is certain: in the 21st century, the classic nerd is cooler and trendier than ever... And in some ways also a role model for an entire generation. But what actually makes him the perfect date partner?

Reason No. 1: the nerd is individual

... and that's a good thing! A classic nerd doesn't need to chase trends. This is often evident in their clothing. Many nerds go for a mix of simple and classic, proving that many must-haves never go out of fashion. come.

But even away from the clothes, a nerd is anything but interchangeable. He is a character in his own right with rough edges and a great conversational partner who can provide a view beyond the end of his nose.

Reason No. 2: Nerds are often smart

Intelligence makes you sexy, doesn't it? Regardless of whether the nerd has a particularly pronounced general knowledge or excels in insular knowledge on a specific topic: it certainly won't be boring with him.

Choosing a partner: Why we fall in love with someone

Anyone who is open to new things, doesn't demonise a person because of a (perhaps) unusual hobby and at the same time enjoys exchanging ideas should have a great time with the average nerd.

Why it's so much fun to date a nerd

Reason No. 3: Nerd parties quickly turn into happenings

Many nerds have a large circle of friends. This is certainly one of the most interesting differences compared to the past. While the nerd of the past was still considered an outsider who was enthusiastic about wi-fi parties and collecting obscure gadgets, today many people appreciate the sociability of the nerd.

Accordingly, his parties quickly turn into real highlights. Those who manage to be invited here after a date have usually passed the "pre-casting".

Reason No. 4: Nerds are generally considered loyal

Even though there are of course always exceptions, most nerds are people who can identify primarily with classical values and moral concepts.

A gay nerd usually takes a little more time until he introduces his partner to his family or friends, for example. However, once he has taken this step for himself (and the relationship), it can often almost be compared to an accolade.

If you are looking for a partner who does not attach great importance to superficialities, but who instead values character and common ground, you will certainly be very, very happy with your "favourite nerd".


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