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Corona and the psyche - how close is a possible burnout?

Corona and the psyche - how close is a possible burnout?

Many people spoke - especially at the beginning of the Corona crisis - about enjoying experiencing how decelerated life can be. After a few days of relaxing, however, it quickly became apparent that not everyone could cope well with giving up the classic office. Because the home office - far away from face-to-face meetings and the like - can also be stressful in the long run.

It is not only the self-employed who have experienced that it can prove to be an enormous burden to try to maintain the same level of performance as before and to meet the new demands.

The prospect of support from the state could not really reassure many either. Because: various rumours quickly ensured that the thoughts of those affected quickly had to turn to possible repayment modalities.

In short: Corona can put a strain on the psyche and - especially if there are relevant previous illnesses - make the situation even worse. But why is the current crisis so worrying? And how can it be counteracted if necessary?

Fact No. 1: The Corona crisis appears unpredictable

Due to the fact that the current coronavirus is a new virus, scientists and their advisors, among others, are groping in the dark. Differing opinions and changing recommendations then also cause unease among the population. One of the most classic examples: at the beginning of the corona crisis, many renowned virologists advised against wearing masks.

This uncertainty is also reflected in the professional world. After all, how does a self-employed person know that his order situation will not develop negatively because his customers have run out of money, for example? Turnover plans and the like often have to be adjusted accordingly, so it is difficult to rely completely on them in advance.

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Fact No. 2: Working in a home office needs to be learned

At first it sounds exciting: It sounds tempting to work from home (maybe even in a jogging suit?). But: this kind of working environment requires a high degree of discipline. Especially when your own family does not accept the working hours and keeps distracting you, stress quickly sets in.

If the workload piles up and the deadlines become tighter, there is a risk of a hectic pace and deadline bottlenecks.

Therefore: Working in a home office can be fun - provided certain rules are observed - but requires a mix of clear time management and support from the family circle.

Fact No. 3: Hobbies are often neglected

This fact is closely related to Fact No. 3, but so concise that it deserves to be mentioned in a separate point. Working in a home office also shifts the daily routine in that the working day often starts later and ends later.

Those who used to love to work out in the gym in the evening often now forgo their regular exercise session. And this is exactly where the mistake lies! Because: Exercise can demonstrably help to reduce stress.

This area again shows how important it is to establish a structured daily routine and to follow it. This way, no one has to do without their (deserved) compensation.

Tips for a more relaxed everyday life during the Corona pandemic

Admittedly: It seems a little challenging to relax during the Corona crisis in everyday working life - whether as a self-employed person or as an employee. However, with the following tips, you can at least succeed in letting a little more calm in.

  1. Always remember: The end of the pandemic is coming... It's just not yet clear when. But: yes, there is a time after Corona!
  2. The Corona Crisis can help to shed new light on one's own goals (both business and private). There are opportunities behind many challenges.
  3. If you need help, you should get help. Going to a psychotherapist should not be completely ruled out here either. In this way it is often possible to avoid the "worst case", burnout. However, the first point of contact is always the family doctor.

With a little foresight and optimism, many people should realise that a relaxed attitude is almost always the better alternative. Achieving this is not easy, but it is not impossible either.

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