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Sudan: no more death penalty for homosexuals

Sudan abolishes death penalty for homosexuals !

For a long time, Sudan was one of the countries that the international community viewed with great scepticism with regard to the punishment of homosexuals.

Now, several media outlets are reporting an important piece of news that could be seen as a kind of caesura in Sudan's history.

Because: after a corresponding reform, it is no longer allowed to perform genital mutilation on women, the jurisdiction with regard to homosexuals is also changed. Anyone caught having homosexual sex will no longer be punished with the death penalty. Although this does not mean that it would be "allowed" to have sex in Sudan, it does mean that it would be "allowed" to have sex in Sudan. gay to be, many people see the change in legislation as an important step.

Up to seven years in prison: homosexuality still punishable in Sudan

One thing is certain: The road to equal rights for homosexuals - especially in conservative Sudan - is likely to be a long one. However, at least gays no longer have to fear for their lives from the legal side.

Anyone caught having sex with a partner of the same sex can "only" be sentenced to up to seven years in prison. After all, this is a mild sentence - compared to death. Nevertheless, there is definitely room for improvement.

However, it is also possible that the new legislation has caused a particular turning point in Sudan's history? Every revolution or reform started small.

The result of a longer development

The legal change to no longer make homosexuality punishable by death did not (of course) happen "overnight". Rather, the decision can be linked to earlier political and social events.

Innovations for intersexual people in Austria

Apart from a change of power, it may have been, among other things, the ever-continuing protests that created the basis for the new laws and generated the need to break free from the clutches of oppression - also with regard to the genital mutilation mentioned above.

Not only homosexuals benefit from the legal innovations, but accordingly also women and other members of society who until then had to suffer under the prevailing conditions.

Since then, for example, people of Christian faith are less oppressed, Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol in private and the general approach to religion in the country. The new legal construct is thus intended to further consolidate security and peace within Sudan and could actually bring the community together a little.

Still a long way to go

Even if the decisions related to the new legislation in Sudan are praised by many people. This should not obscure the fact that it is still almost impossible for gays and lesbians to live out their love for the same sex here.

In order for this to succeed at some point in the ideal case, not only further, new laws are needed, but also a rethinking in people's minds.

Those affected also receive support from the international community, among others. In Germany, for example, there are repeated demonstrations and actions aimed at improving the situation of homosexuals in other countries, such as Sudan.

Accordingly, it remains to be seen to what extent legislation will change in the future with regard to the rights of homosexuals. There is a small glimmer of hope. The fact that in the past, other countries have also managed to take new, tolerant paths here.

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