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What does it actually mean to be queer or queer?

What does queer actually mean

"Queer" is one of those words that has become almost inseparable from the LGBT Q community are connected. But: what is actually behind the term, in the context of which not only many gays see the proverbial rainbows?

One thing is certain: being queer means much more than turning away from social conventions (and partly also moral concepts) and deciding for oneself.

Queer is rather an attitude towards life! However, if you look into the actual meaning of the word, you quickly realise that the English term is translated in the first step with the German word "komisch" (funny). This also explains why the word was still considered a swear word a few years ago.

At some point, however, gays, lesbians and co. started calling themselves "queer". An important milestone! Because from then on, the message behind the term also changed. From then on, queer meant something positive.

"Queer" in the change of time - gays distinguish themselves from gays

It is particularly interesting that many gay men first used the word queer to distinguish themselves from other gays. These often appeared to them as too "well-behaved", too standardised and without "rough edges".

Those who were queer in their eyes were different and proud of it. Queer gays obviously placed less importance on being accepted by others and instead valued their individual lifestyle far from conventions and co. .

Today: "queer" as part of the LGBTQ community

Today the "Q" stands in LGBTQ for queer. The strict demarcation that many gays - especially during the 1990s - were still striving for rarely exists in this form. Instead, it seems as if the Scene more and more and gives more and more people the chance to realise themselves in a very unique way.

Basti wins "Fame Maker" and makes a statement

In this respect, "queer" can actually still be translated with "different" and - in a loving way - also with "weird" (in the sense of "not normal"). Because: whoever falls into this grid today is for many people everything but not straight.

The queer part of the LGBTQ community is therefore crucial for the scene to be as colourful as it is. In the end, the blurring of boundaries shows that the scene is getting bigger and more diverse.

Popular hot spots - this is where queers meet

Whether at university, at parties or in public spaces, queers themselves are always surprised by how colourful the most famous rainbow in human history can be.

Those who feel like networking with other queers can do so not only via the internet, but also locally, for example at parties - if they are allowed due to the current Corona crisis -, in the units at the university and in other areas with other gays, lesbians and queers.

One thing is certain: even though the world around being queer, this very special lifestyle and the scene - in the truest sense of the word - has indeed become more and more colourful, it is clear that no queer person has to feel alone. On the contrary! It is precisely this diversity that offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with other people about problems, acceptance, lust for life and fun, and to feel (mostly) understood.


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