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Dirty talk means - loosely translated - "talking dirty" and can help make each other even hornier.

Dirty Talk

At Dirty Talk is a very special way of talking to your sex partner. Many gays (and of course straight men too) find it extremely hornywhen their partner murmurs phrases like "Fuck me!" or "You horny pig!" in their ear.

There are almost no limits to the imagination here. Especially when couples have known each other for a long time and are used to each other, dirty talk often remains something very special. For many, the dirtier the better.

However, some couples also use dirty talk to keep the passion in a long-distance relationship from fizzling out. Especially in the context of phone sex, it often takes this special kind of talking to each other to get each other going.

By the way, dirty talk is also often used in porn or can help with it, Role plays a little more imaginative. Of course, it is not always necessary to resort to the well-known animal names! This is precisely one of the most common prejudices that are always applied in connection with dirty talk.

Yet this technique is far more versatile. Whoever works with Dirty If you don't have any experience with talk, but would like to try it out, you can start by telling your partner bluntly what you expect or what you would like. Sometimes it is also fun to simply comment on what is happening. One thing is certain: with the help of the right words, almost every relationship can be given a little more impetus. Whoever is on the verge of Orgasm In most cases, those who are more daring will surprise their partners time and again.