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The term dirty is often used in connection with sex practices, but originally meant practices with urine and faeces.


The term "dirty" is used again and again with regard to numerous sex practices. Certain positions or toys are described as "dirty". Strictly speaking, however, a practice is only "dirty" - at least in the original sense - if faeces and/or urine are used in its context. come.

During dirty sex, the sex partners rub their excretions on each other and feel great pleasure. The dirty variant is clearly a very special kind of sex. Fetishwhich is met with rejection by many people. Those who want to live out their passion here and have not (yet?) found the right partner can usually help themselves out with relevant films. It is better to go in search of like-minded people in chats.

Especially in chat rooms, however, it is again important to make sure that "dirty sex" is not understood by many in its original variant as sex with faeces and urine! To prevent misunderstandings, it is therefore important to play with open cards from the outset.

By the way: Sex that involves playing with faeces and urine in this way can also be dangerous. After all, far more germs, bacteria and the like are spread here than would be the case with classic anal sex, for example. That is why many experts advise against this practice. The risk of contracting diseases when swallowing urine or faeces, for example, is definitely too high.