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The term cam is the abbreviation for webcam.


Surely every chat fan has already heard of it: with a webcam, chats over the internet can be made a little more "vivid". Of course, a cam is an "accessory" that can be used not only in relevant gay chats. The small cameras even play an important role in business meetings and the like. After all, they offer the possibility to look the "other person" in the eye.

In the context of sex chats, the cams are of course used in a completely different way. Close-ups of cocks and the like are not uncommon here. Those who like to watch their chat partner masturbate will get their money's worth with a cam.

Many laptops nowadays have integrated cams. Those who want to upgrade simply buy an external device and connect it.

Of course, cams do not only have to be used for chatting. If you want, you can also record a (more or less long) film with a cam and send it - for example by e-mail - to your chat partners.

In general, a cam offers the chance to increase the anticipation of a real date a little more. Films of this kind often say more than a thousand words or profile pictures. Those who not only rely on moving pictures but also on sound can - similar to video telephony - talk to their conversation partner (or listen to him moaning).

They are also used for Live-videos. Those who register on the corresponding platforms can upload films of themselves masturbating or having sex and thus possibly find new gays for dates.