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Enchant your partner with these cocktailsEnchant your partner with these cocktails

Are you looking for a culinary surprise for your sweetheart, but don't feel like cooking or baking? Then how about a delicious cocktail? Especially now that the days are getting longer again, nothing stands in the way of romantic cocktail evenings.

Many creations taste particularly intensely of summer and the beach and can perhaps even ensure that you conjure up a little holiday feeling in your own four walls.

But which creations are actually ideal for cocktail laymen to try out? The following ideas can help you to optimise your drink skills a little! What's more, you don't need many ingredients to create these classics.

Cocktail No. 1: the Martini

A martini tastes good at any time of year and looks incredibly stylish! Accordingly, it should not be missing from your list of favourite cocktails.

All you need is some dry gin, some vermouth, ice and - who would have thought it? - the famous olive to finish it off.

A great extra for an exciting James Bond evening or a crowning finale for a delicious menu!

Cocktail No. 2: the Caipirinha

Hardly any other cocktail tastes as much like a holiday as the Caipi! Fruity, yet tart and visually appealing: this drink will quickly turn you into a sexy bartender. Here, too, the list of ingredients is manageable.

You need some cachaça, lime and cane sugar. Depending on the individual mixing ratio, you can set exciting accents. Rounded off with crushed ice, nothing stands in the way of a Caribbean feeling. Speaking of mixing ratios! It takes a little practice to find the right amounts. Otherwise, an explosive mixture can result. If you don't just want to enjoy a Caipi, you should be a little more sparing with your cachaça.

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Cocktail No. 3: the Lumumba

You can serve this cocktail to your sweetheart either warm or cold. To make it, you need rum, cocoa and ice if necessary. This is a delicious treat for chocolate lovers that can refresh in the summer and warm in the winter.

Cocktail No. 4: Tequila Sunrise

Looking for a delicious visual highlight? In this case, there is no way around the Tequila Sunrise! This drink belongs on the drinks list in every reliable cocktail bar.
All the better if you can surprise your sweetheart in times of quarantine and the like.

In addition to the tequila, it needs some orange juice and grenadine. This not only creates the special taste, but also the characteristic colouring. The icing on the cake? A small umbrella, which of course holds particularly well when the cocktail is complemented with an appropriate amount of crushed ice.

Prepare and enjoy together

Of course, you don't have to be alone in the kitchen (or at the bar) during a cocktail evening! You can also make the above recipes together with your sweetheart. Whether you have previous experience or are trying a new hobby, challenges like this can be a special way to bond.

By the way, a cocktail evening together (after the Contact ban) is also a great date idea. This is an impressive way to combine conversations, funny situations and culinary delights.

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