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Discrimination against gays in everyday life - how should those affected behave?

Discrimination against gays in everyday life

Many gays know the problem: although they live in comparatively open, tolerant Germany, they unfortunately know all too well what it means to be discriminated against in many ways in everyday life.

The question that arises in this context: how should I react to discrimination as a gay man? Basically, it is always important to be clear about one's own feelings in the first step in order to be able to act as well-founded as possible afterwards.

Unfortunately, many homosexual people still feel guilty when they are discriminated against. This makes it all the more important to take advantage of the offers of support agencies in order to ideally be able to build up a healthy self-confidence over time.

Tip number 1: don't overreact!

Even though it may sound easy: homosexual people who are discriminated against, for example, on the street or in other public places, should first try to control their emotions. Should this not succeed, the probability that the respective situation will escalate is comparatively high.

However, such control does not mean that the victim of discrimination is forced to endure everything. It is usually easiest to either avoid the situation or - if at all possible - to seek a factual discussion.

Discrimination against gays in everyday life

Tip number 2: look for allies

Unfortunately, everyday life shows again and again that many people are not prepared to live civil courage. However, anyone who notices that there are people in their environment who are obviously struggling to intervene should consciously approach them and ask for help.

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They may also be able to act as a witness, if necessary. In the age of the internet, it is often not difficult to find one or more persons who filmed the situation in question with their smartphone. Said recordings may still become important at a later point in time.

Tip number 3: tell other people about the situation

Many gays make the mistake of feeling ashamed of discrimination they have experienced and bottling up their feelings. However, this is definitely the wrong way to go about it. If you want to learn how to categorise the situation and process your feelings, you should talk to your friends about what you have experienced.

Especially in the circle of acquaintances, there are often many people who speak encouragement to the victims of discrimination and thus help them to come out of the situation stronger.

Discrimination against gays in everyday life
Tip number 4: Visit counselling centres and seek psychological help if necessary.

Depending on how drastic and intense the discrimination was perceived to be, it may have a lasting effect on the everyday life of those affected. This is especially true if, for example, violence or enormous psychological pressure was used. If those who have been victims of discrimination notice that the respective experience affects their everyday life, it is even more important to seek professional help as early as possible. Many counselling centres have focused on providing appropriate support. A visit to a psychotherapist can also help to cope with a corresponding trauma.

Tip number 5: don't downplay the situation

People who have been victims of discrimination are often confronted with the sentence "Don't be such a pussy".

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However, it is a fact that such assaults can be drastic experiences. If you are hurt, you should stand by it and trust yourself (and your gut feeling) to be able to assess the situation correctly.


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