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"Homosexuals have the right to live in a family" - strong words from Pope Francis II.

Pope Francis II wants more rights for homosexuals

Hallelujah! After a long time, the Catholic Church can again talk about itself with positive headlines. "Allegations of abuse" is likely to be one of the first negative buzzwords to come up when the word "church" is mentioned.

But now the church is showing itself from an open, for many unknown side. The head of the church himself has attracted media attention with positive statements about homosexual people... And has already received an incredible amount of praise for it.

"Francesco" - the cause of the media uproar

The actual basis for the media quake surrounding the Pope's remarks is the documentary film "Francesco", which celebrated its premiere in Rome on Wednesday. The 120-minute work is about the Corona pandemic, racism and other issues, LGBTQ-issues and sexual abuse. In other words, a broad spectrum of topics that deals with quite difficult issues.

In the documentary in question, the head of the church spoke about same-sex partnerships, among other things. He emphasised that homosexuals have a right to be part of a family, since they are God's children just like anyone else. In the film, he also spoke out in favour of introducing a law for a registered civil partnership.

A small (or large) drop of bitterness: even though Francis II supports the rights and happiness of homosexual partnerships in the film, they should not be allowed to marry. "The question of marriage and that of sexual orientation" would have to be separated. Thus, for the current Pope, marriage continues to be reserved only for a woman and a man.

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A Pope of the Community?!

At least in terms of civil law, the current Pope wants to integrate same-sex partnerships into society. He had already spoken out on the subject of homosexuality in the past and showed in his statements that the Catholic Church has also arrived - at least in part - in the 21st century.

At that time, he already emphasised that no one should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. As with his current statement, he attached particular importance to the family.

With his statements, Pope Francis II proves - despite all the deductions that the Scene with regard to marriage - that even in old age there can still be a change of heart. come can.

In areas where he now talks about "children of God" and "equality", in 2010 he still called the introduction of same-sex marriage a "move of the devil". It is gratifying to see that even the head of the Catholic Church is obviously willing to think outside the box.

Homosexuality in Christian society - a sensitive topic with ups and downs

Pope Francis II is not the first church representative to advocate for equal rights and inclusion of homosexual people in Christian society.

However, the institution of marriage was always sacred to his predecessors as well. So sacred that it should exclusively address a man and a woman. But: the fact that Pope Francis II addresses this issue so explicitly and unequivocally gives hope to Christian gays all over the world.

It would be desirable that young people would no longer have to fear being disowned by their families simply because their sexual orientation does not fit in with their parents' beliefs.

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