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Gay contacts in Dresden: These are the gay hotspots in the Saxon capital

The twelfth largest city in Germany and capital of the federal state of Saxony is the seat of numerous political institutions of the federal state. The Dresden conurbation has a population of over 780,000 and is an important location for Germany. Dresden has an area of around 330 hectares. km2 about 555,000 inhabitants in 10 city districts. As the second largest city in Saxony and home to numerous cultural institutions, the city is particularly popular with tourists. In addition to the residents of Dresden, museums, exhibitions, baroque sights and cultural events attract a large number of tourists every year. Among them is also a not insignificant number of gay tourists who like to go out in the evening. 

Gay dating in Dresden

Why is Dresden so exciting for gays?

Especially the many sights, the cultural events and the many clubs make Dresden one of the most popular destinations for the gay community. Against a historical backdrop, the gay and lesbian scene is booming. Extravagant parties, fancy clothes and an open and tolerant community - these are the characteristics of Dresden's gay community. Scene off!

But unfortunately that was not always the case. In Dresden in the former GDR, too, Paragraph 175 initially ruled over the city's gays and lesbians. However, the GDR was initially more progressive than the Federal Republic with regard to homosexuals. Prominent gays as well as political representatives demanded the abolition of the paragraph as early as the 1950s. Thanks to this initiative, the Saxon parliament decided to abolish the paragraph in 1951. Unfortunately, this was not enforced and so Paragraph 175 continued to exist in Dresden until 1968. During this time, gays were also persecuted in the GDR, but to a much lesser extent than in the Federal Republic. After an uprising, the government was mainly concerned with securing its power. So the Paragraph was used above all to secure the balance of power and in the process to eliminate political opponents. 

The GayThe lesbian community in the whole of the GDR therefore declined immensely, and previously existing meeting places were almost non-existent in the 1950s, even in Dresden. In the following years, unofficial meeting places were formed again, but they were nowhere near as numerous as they are today. 

It was very difficult to meet and get to know gay people. Therefore, public car parks were used as a priority to get in touch. Public toilets and parks became increasingly popular as meeting places. Despite or perhaps because of the strict surveillance of the meeting places, the sense of community and cohesion grew in Dresden's gay community.

Even though Paragraph 175 was also abolished in the GDR in 1968, not much changed for gays and lesbians at first. It was not until the 1980s that a rethink happened in Dresden. The press reported on gays and lesbians for the first time, the surveillance of the gay and lesbian scene by the Stasi was stopped and the first gay and lesbian groups were able to form publicly after the Second World War. For example, the Dresden association "Gerede e.V." came into being, which even today is still active and has its own events for gays.


In addition to voluntary associations, recurring events and meetings, there are various bars, clubs and cafés that are particularly suitable for meeting gays in Dresden. It's especially easy to get to know gay people through our popular gay chat. However, if you're more into searching in the wild, you'll definitely enjoy our gay hotspots in Dresden! These are also great if you are planning a first date with a new acquaintance from gay chat and are looking for a location!


Gay bars in Dresden

Directly in the Dresden scene quarter: Saxxim

Address: Görlitzer Straße No. 2b in the district Äußere Neustadt

Have fun, enjoy and experience - Görlitzer Straße is a great place to do that. This section of Dresden's street is more than just that, it is especially known for the many trendy pubs and cafés of the gay community. Saxxim is also located here.  

From Tuesday to Saturday you can meet gay boys here until late at night and spend some cosy hours. Everyone is welcome here, but the Rainbow flag at the entrance once again illustrates the bar's predominantly homosexual clientele.

The name of the bar is inspired by the extravagant Parisian nightclub Maxim's and is supposed to remind us of the 1920s with the two "xx". The interior design also reflects this. As the plants in front of the entrance indicate, Saxxim is not a gay club, but a dignified place to meet and relax.

Are you looking for new gay contacts or do you have someone in the Gay chat If you've met someone with whom you'd like to have a cosy date, the Saxxim is perfect for you!   

You can find gay boys in Dresden here: Boys

Address: Alaunstraße No. 80 in the district Äußere Neustadt

Only a corner away from the gay centre of Dresden, the Boys offers you optimal conditions to get to know gay people in Dresden. According to their self-imposed rules of acceptance, tolerance and cosmopolitanism, everyone is welcome at the Boys. Here you will meet bankers, students, construction workers, lawyers and Drag Queens - Because the colourful mix is what makes the Boys. 

In red dim light and a romantic atmosphere, the Boys is ideal for dates, but also for meeting new gays. A wide range of drinks is available daily from 8pm. Karaoke parties, bingo evenings, happy hours and weekly parties with well-known DJs are also organised regularly. 

Annual events such as Oktoberfest, Halloween, ESC, Christmas or New Year's Eve parties and many more attract many gays to the Boys and turn the events into legendary party nights.

With a quiet and a party side, the Boys is a suitable location for everyone. So don't miss out on a visit to this trendy pub!

Men only in the Pickup Dresden

Address: Jordanstraße No. 2 in the district Äußere Neustadt

Everyone is welcome at the Pickup, as long as they are male, because there is a strict men-only policy. The Pickup is one of the special Fetish-bars in Dresden, but there is no Dress code. No matter whether Leather, RubberUniform, jeans, sneakers or sportswear, every horny guy can party here. The Pickup offers you a bar area to get to know each other, a porn lounge to get close to each other and a Darkroom with Glory Holes and Sling. So there is something for everyone here and besides getting to know new gay boys, the fun is definitely not neglected.

Whether you live in Dresden, are visiting or just passing through - the fetish bar Pickup is worth a visit!  

Leather and Fetish Club Dresden e.V. in the Bunker

Address: Prießnitzstraße No. 51 in the district of Äußere Neustadt

Things get hot in the Bunker! The bar is run by the Leder- und Fetischclub Dresden. This club actively supports equal rights for gays and same-sex partnerships. The club offers gays the opportunity to live out their fetishes in a protected environment and is involved in the AIDS-Prevention.

In the Bunker, the club has created its own location where men can meet in a safe environment and give free rein to their fetishes and fantasies.

As the bar is a club bar, it can only be visited by means of a (day) membership.

But it's worth a visit! The Bunker offers you pleasure on three different levels and is the number one place to go for gay boys in the region at the weekend. The Bunker is not only ideal for meetings and dates, the bar also offers you the best conditions for getting to know gays. In the centre you will find the bar, which makes casual encounters and getting to know each other possible. From there you can explore the various rooms. The design and furnishings of the club are varied, unusual and functional. The best way to get to know the Bunker is to visit it in person! Immerse yourself in another world and let yourself be seduced!  

The Queens - Dresden's oldest gay bar had to close

Address: Görlitzer Straße No. 3 in the district Äußere Neustadt

For over 15 years, Queens was the place to go for Dresden's gay community and was currently the oldest gay bar in the state capital. For a long time, the bar was the heart of the trendy district until it had to be closed. The reopening of the bar on the other side of the street and under the name Queens & Kings also failed after some time, despite a modern appearance of the traditional pub. After several changes of ownership, the Saxxim is located here today, which will hopefully last at least as long as the Queens did. 

Cosy gay cafés in Dresden

The most popular gay café in Dresden: Café Valentino

Address: Jordanstraße No. 2 in the district Äußere Neustadt

The probably most popular and very well-known Café Valentino near the Dresden scene quarter offers enough space to meet, get to know each other and relax. During the day you can drink a coffee or enjoy one of the delicacies. The café is known far beyond the borders of Dresden as a gay café. Meeting new men will therefore not be a problem. In the evening, the café is converted into a bar and offers a varied ambience. 

If you visit the café and feel like partying later, you should also pay a visit to the neighbouring Pickup Club.

Breakfast from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m: Café Continental

Address: Görlitzer Straße Nr.1 in the district Äußere Neustadt

Whether it's after a night of drinking or a longer sleep - at Café Continental you can have breakfast almost all day long. It's not just the café's opening hours that are special, but also the food on offer. Throughout the day, you can choose from the full menu with a generous selection of food and drinks. Whether in the indoor or outdoor seating area, the Continental has something for everyone! 

Located on the corner of Görlitzer Straße, right in the Szene Viertel, you can't miss the Gay Café!


Dresden's best gay clubs

The most popular gay club in Dresden's old town: Gisela Club

Address: Löbtauer Straße No. 80 in the district of Altstadt

In addition to the many meeting places in the trendy district of Neustadt, Gisela Club offers one of the few gay clubs in Dresden's Old Town. Although the Altstadt is very suitable for partying due to the high density of clubs and bars, the nightlife of the gay scene in the Neustadt is much better. The Gisela Club is all the more popular with gay boys from the region. Located between residential and industrial buildings, the club's old building looks particularly hip. Inside, you can expect furnishings in the style of a detached house with a home-like feel. Have a crazy house party in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or garage. With hip DJs, partying really becomes fun. Especially for different events come Gays from all over the city together here.

So don't miss the opportunity to experience a party as extravagant as Gisela's!

Dresden's hottest club: Middle power station

Address: Wettiner Platz No. 7 in the Old Town district

Even though Kraftwerk Mitte is not a gay-only club, it is one of Dresden's most popular clubs and attracts many party people from the region. This also includes Dresden's gay boys! The industrial character of the club paired with some features and a modern design is already convincing by its appearance. But the regular events are the real crowd puller of the club. Here you can experience international artists together with people from all over Germany. 

As one of Dresden's largest event locations, the Kraftwerk Mitte nightclub stands out from other Dresden clubs. With constantly changing events and happenings, you will also find the right thing for you. Due to the popularity of the club, you will also be able to meet gay boys here.

The Kiez in Dresden: Rosi's fun pub

Address: Eschenstraße No. 11 in the district Äußere Neustadt

Rosis Amüsierlokal brings the flair of St. Pauli from Hamburg to Dresden. The special pub club offers you access to the neighbourhood charm every day from 8pm to 5am. Immerse yourself in Hamburg's world-famous red light district and amusement district without leaving Dresden. Even though this is not a pure gay bar, the charm of St. Pauli promises cosmopolitanism and tolerance for extravagance. Meet new men over schnapps and music or go on a special date here.

Gay events in Bremen

In addition to the clubs that are open all year round, many events attract numerous gays to Dresden. To give you an overview of the many gay events and make sure you don't miss any of them, we have compiled a list of all the gay events in Dresden. Top Events for gays in Bremen picked out.

The biggest gay party in Dresden: Boytox

The biggest and most popular gay party at the moment is the Boytox Party. Held several times a year, the party attracts gays from Dresden and far beyond its borders. The popular Gisela Club becomes the house party for Dresden's gays. With pop beats and house music, there's partying, dancing and flirting for all it's worth. Music by well-known DJs and show acts by celebrated drag queens make the party something special and help it to be a complete success every time. With a monthly changing motto, there is something for everyone. Just take a look at the event calendar, you won't regret it!

Gay and Lesbian Remmidemmi: sHe party

As the biggest party of the entire LGBTI community in Dresden, the sHe party takes place regularly in different locations. It doesn't matter whether you're gay, lesbian, bi, trans or somewhere in between. Everyone is welcome and accepted at the sHe party. Changing themes make the parties particularly varied events. Every event is different, so you shouldn't miss it!

The oldest gay party in Dresden: Disco where:Different

The motto of this gay party: We celebrate the cliché! In Rosis Amüsierlokal everyone shows what they have and what they can do. Looking pretty and shaking a leg to the cult hits of the divas - and thus fully conforming to the cliché, that's something you can do particularly well at Disco Woanders. Diversity in all colours of the rainbow is what counts here.

Be a part of the gay community in Dresden and celebrate with them at the oldest gay party in the city!

The hottest meeting place: Dresden's only gay sauna

Paradise Spa Club

Address: Friedensstraße No. 45 in the district Leipzig Suburb

The only gay sauna in Dresden is open daily all year round! No matter what time of year, you will always find horny gay boys here! The sauna is very well equipped. In addition to a large bar for cosy get-togethers, various areas invite you to relax and enjoy yourself. Cruising areas, dark rooms, sling chambers, a "play room", TV room, relaxation zones, free cabins for couples and groups, a Finnish sauna with changing infusions, a steam sauna labyrinth and a sun deck await you in the Paradise Spa Club! Daily changing promotions and special offers on the admission price make the sauna particularly popular beyond the actual services.

Whether you live in Dresden, are visiting or just passing through, you shouldn't miss out on a visit to the Paradise Spa Club. The location is also very suitable if you are still looking for a meeting place for a date from our gay chat!

He is looking for him: Cruising in Dresden

Are you looking for quick encounters with men and do you follow your hunting instinct? Then cruising in Dresden is just the thing for you! In winter, the clubs and bars are particularly busy and in summer the following cruising hot spots invite you to have fun in nature.

Cruising at the bathing lake: Steinbach clay pit

The former Steinbach clay pit is located just outside Dresden near the municipality of Weinböhla. Coming from Dresden on the S81, you pass the "Neuer Anbau" construction area and reach an asphalted parking bay in the forest. From there you can walk into the forest and reach the bathing lake after only a few metres. Many gays sunbathe on the sunbathing lawn here, especially in the warmer months, and the forest behind it is particularly suitable as a cruising area.

Cruising in nature: Leuben gravel pit

The gravel pit is located in the Dresden district of Leuben and is particularly popular with gay boys from Dresden. The adjacent forest is particularly well suited as a cruising area. With mixed ages, you are sure to find a partner for pleasure!

Cruising outside Dresden: Pratzschwitz gravel pit 

You will find a mixed crowd at the Pratzschwitz gravel pit in Pirna, south-east of Dresden. The large gravel pit not only invites you to swim, but also to make new acquaintances. The shore areas are particularly popular with men for nude sunbathing.

Gay clubs in Dresden

In addition to a variety of bars, cafés, clubs and much more, Dresden also offers you the opportunity to make connections with voluntary associations and to clarify questions and problems.

The Archer Dresden e.V.

Dresden's well-known gay and lesbian sports club "Der Bogenschütze" offers you the opportunity to do sports together with like-minded people. Acceptance and equality are prerequisites for the existence of the club. You can concentrate on enjoying the sport without fear of discrimination. In different training groups you can choose between volleyball, swimming or high diving. In addition, there are regular events such as communal cycling, hiking, skiing or a table tennis match. Become part of this gay community and quickly get to know gays in Dresden!

Gerede e.V.

Probably the oldest association for homosexuals is Gerede e.V. The volunteers have made it their goal to support gays, lesbians and lesbians, Bisexualtranssexuals and all other queer people and their relatives. At regular meetings, the association offers the opportunity to meet new people, find support and have a good time. 

Aids-Hilfe Dresden e.V.

The association Aids-Hilfe Dresden, founded in 1990, wants to inform people about HIV and Aids and support those affected in the best possible way. Through voluntary commitment, regular testing campaigns take place at gay meeting places such as pubs and bars. Personal counselling sessions or prevention events are conducted by employees of the association.

In addition, the online counselling of the Aids-Hilfe is also possible. This offers you the advantage of anonymity and greater security via the internet.

Christopher Street Day in Dresden

A rainbow parade is also held every year in Dresden on Christopher Street Day. The organiser Christopher Street Day Dresden e.V. has been campaigning for more equality, acceptance and tolerance of the gay community in Dresden for about 20 years. 

However, the demonstration is organised by all participants, so you can also be a part of Christopher Street Day in Dresden. Whether as a volunteer helper and steward or as part of the demonstrators in the parade - by participating in Christopher Street Day in Dresden you can set an example for gays in the city and express your opinion. Join in and support the gay community in Dresden!