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News about the CSD in Cologne: PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW.

News about PRIDE NOW - THE Cologne Pride SHOW in Cologne

The Cologne CSD is one of the best-known events of its kind. Cologne has always stood for joie de vivre, tolerance and a very special feeling. The organisers of the Pride have not decided on a general cancellation, but only on a postponement of the event to the autumn. During the days from 26.09.2020 to 11.10.2020, the message "Many. Together. Strong!" will be carried into the world.

It is clear that the whole thing will not take place as usual due to the current Corona situation. Nevertheless, according to their own statement and a corresponding posting on the homepage, those responsible have come up with a concept that has been adapted to the current situation (and of course also to the applicable guidelines and directives).

For example, several small events are to take place. Understandable. After all, this way the crowds of people who have celebrated and loved the CSD for years can be somewhat equalised without having to forego the transmission of the important message.

The concept of the two-week event is thus being maintained. Because: the CSD is more than the colourful parade on Sunday. Maybe this aspect will come into focus even more now!

A special highlight: PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW

As already mentioned, there will be no pictures of partying people in the streets of Cologne's old town this year. However, a special alternative has been found, with the help of which a convincing security concept can be guaranteed: PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW. This is an event that extends over two days. Or in other words: the same show will be offered on two days in the Cologne Lanxess Arena.

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The event is a mix of music, comedy and performance that is sure to captivate visitors. The audience sits in so-called cubes or on the tiers and is allowed to remove their masks while seated. Based on a prescribed safety distance, dancing and partying can take place from here. Within the framework of the event, the new concept is likely to meet old familiar elements and thus make the hearts of passionate CSD supporters beat faster. There will also be an individual form of the "Candle Lights against Forgetting" action.

However, the organiser reserves the right to change the concept if the legal requirements are adapted.

Nevertheless, PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW is certainly a small ray of hope for many people (also from the event industry), which shows that events of this kind can perhaps take place more often in the future.

PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW - Line Up and Prices

Currently, there is no official information about who will be on stage at PRIDE NOW - THE Cologne Pride SHOW. However, if you take a look back at the CSD events of the past years, you can quickly guess that it will be big again in 2020 - despite the Corona.

Ticket prices are 5 euros solidarity fee for a seat in the lower tier. If you want to secure a seat in one of the cubes or in the interior, you pay 12 euros per person. Fees are already included in the above sums.

The audience is called upon to make the evening "their evening" and thus become a very special part of the show. Those who have experienced the last Prides in Cologne will know that many supporters of the Queer Scene should not be asked twice here.

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News about PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW in Cologne


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