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Emotional outing: Joey's Jungle is gay

Youtube star Joey's Jungle has come out of the closet

Many YouTube fans know him: Joey's Jungle provides his fans with new videos and (mostly) funny content at regular intervals. His latest video, however, has brought him a little more fame - especially within the LGBTQ Scene - given.

Because: the YouTube star has publicly come out to millions of people.

And regardless of whether some of his viewers might already have had a premonition or not, this was a step with special significance. Because: it was not only a matter of coming out himself, but also of giving courage to other people who might be in a similar situation.

What does it actually feel like to come out?

If you are looking for an answer to this exciting question, you should take a look at the YouTuber's latest clip. It becomes clear after the first few seconds that this is NOT a classic video, but rather a statement.

In the video, Joey's Jungle "travels" back into the past and talks about his life. He also talks about the fact that there were some people in his immediate environment who had already made the corresponding assumptions.

At the same time, he reports that he was very worried. Precisely BECAUSE there were some people in his family and circle of acquaintances who associated being gay with something negative, or still do. And that is why it was so difficult for him to talk about his feelings and the fact that he was not gay. straight is to talk. The path via one of the world's best-known platforms of all can thus be seen as a kind of "liberation strike" that goes down well with many, but not all. Thanks to the support of its community, however, Joey's Jungle should rise above the negative criticism.

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Joey's Jungle is happily engaged

The second "drumbeat" on the Joey's Jungle Outing followed on its heels. Because: the YouTuber is not only gaybut also forgiven. And not just "since yesterday", but - according to his own statement - for "several years".

In 2020, he had even moved into a house with his boyfriend. Obviously, Joey's sweetheart does not want to be recognised (yet?). Because: his face is shown in the emotional Coming Out Video not shown.

Surely only people who are currently in a similar situation can imagine what it feels like to finally be able to stand by yourself and your feelings.

The outing video was very well received by the YouTuber's fans. Numerous positive comments show that the YouTuber has obviously hit a real nerve here.

So let's hope that, among other things, he also manages to help other people on the way to their own personal coming out - no matter whether they are on the verge or still need a little time.

Gay and Youtube - an exciting combination

Joey's Jungle is not the first YouTuber who has managed to come out publicly. In the meantime, there are many young (and young-at-heart) people who decide to stand by themselves in this particularly offensive way.

It is well known that the corresponding steps can draw a lot of attention to the respective channel. This is why there have even been YouTubers in the past who made a name for themselves with "fake outs" - and were then literally torn apart in the corresponding shitstorms.

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Here the YouTube community seems to agree: Outings via YouTube are impressive - but only as long as they are not used (unjustifiably and accordingly for "fairytale stories") for clickbait.


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