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Outdoor" is often used to abbreviate "outdoor sex".

Outdoor sex enjoys - especially in summer - a special popularity. Many gays are enthusiastic about making love in the open air. But be careful! If you get caught having sex outdoors, you risk being charged with causing a public nuisance. Accordingly, many sex adventures take place in secret, for example at night in bushes or similar places.

Sometimes the outdoor adventure starts spontaneously - namely when gays visit one of the numerous cruising areas in Germany. These are locations where people meet with a single goal: sex!

But what is actually so special about outdoor sex? Surely it's a mix of "Actually, that's forbidden!" and fun that ensures that this is now more than just a trend. Especially when the weather is nice, the desire often increases significantly anyway. Many outdoor fans are also excited by the fact that there is always the possibility of getting caught. However, it is precisely this game that should not be taken to extremes. Here it is important to find a good balance - even if it may sound boring - between fun and reason.

By the way, those who want to experience outdoor sex usually prepare for a classic quickie. There is often no time for foreplay and the like. Instead, the aim is to get down to business quickly and to Orgasm to come. Ideally, this should also be reflected in the clothing. This means: all important places should be easily and quickly accessible.