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Daniel Küblböck: will he soon be declared dead?

Daniel Küblböck Will the singer soon be declared dead

The news hit like a bombshell in September 2018: singer Daniel Küblböck is said to have jumped off a ship and has been missing ever since. The first rumours quickly arose. Fans even hoped that he had faked his death in order to start a new life somewhere.

Küblböck didn't always have it easy in life? Already in the first season of "DSDS", in which he made it to the Top 10 shows, he was considered a "bird of paradise". What some found admirable was met with rejection by others. After his participation in the jungle camp, things got a little quieter around Küblböck.

Now a report is spreading through the media that the singer is to be declared dead at the end of September.

So far Daniel Küblböck is still considered missing

Admittedly, the probability that Küblböck is still alive is low. Nevertheless, the singer is so far "only" considered missing, among other things, of course, because his body has not yet been found. According to a report in the Passauer Neue Presse, referring to an appeal by the Passau district court, Daniel Küblböck is soon to be declared dead.

In said appeal, he is asked - via an advertisement in the newspaper - to come forward. The last deadline for this is 25 September 2020, after which he would be officially declared dead.

Küblböck's father then gave an interview to the Bild newspaper. He first learned of the appeal through the media and was, or is, horrified. Especially because the application for the declaration of death was not made by the singer's family, but by a third party. The third party belongs to the distant circle of acquaintances.

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Daniel Küblböck's father does not (yet?) want his son to be declared dead

The grief of a father who loses his son in such mysterious circumstances is certainly difficult for outsiders to comprehend. All the worse that the call came as such a surprise to the singer's close family circle.

Accordingly, the responsible office at the district court has already been ordered to end and close the case. At least temporarily.

Surprisingly, Daniel Küblböck's father was already planning a similar procedure last year. He talked about declaring the singer dead after he had disappeared and the facts had pointed to his demise.

In such cases, many psychologists are of the opinion that it can help the person concerned to come to a better conclusion with an event of this kind. Perhaps, however, it is precisely the fact that the father was currently deprived of the possibility of having his son declared dead himself by having the request made by a third person.

Daniel Küblböck Will the singer soon be declared dead

Various theories on Daniel Küblböck's disappearance

Especially in the age of the internet, it usually doesn't take long for stories to build up around the disappearance of a person.

The events surrounding the DSDS star are no exception in this context. Theories that Küblböck wanted to start a new life as a woman alternate with suicide and even murder stories.

Added come Witness statements from other passengers and (blurred) visual material. All these factors do not make the reconstruction of the evening or night of the disappearance any easier... And are likely to cause much discussion even after a declaration of death.

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