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In the middle of the Corona crisis: Jens Spahn buys a villa

Health Minister Spahn buys luxury villa for more than 4 million.

The news hit like a small bomb and was often grist to the mill of those who loudly criticised the decisions of the governing politicians anyway. In the last few days, several media reported that the health minister had bought a villa together with his husband Daniel Funke.

The building is located in a posh part of Berlin and is said to be worth millions. Accordingly, there is a high probability that the residence of the Minister of Health will soon officially change.

Data on Jens Spahn's villa - what is known?

One of the sources that reported on the Spahns' purchase of the villa was the well-known "Business Insider". This referred to the estate agent's documents belonging to the purchase and wrote that the building was a property with a purchase price of more than four million.

In addition, the villa is a listed building and was built in the 1920s. Due to the high purchase price alone, it can be assumed that this was not a spontaneous purchase. Rather, it is likely that Jens Spahn and his husband had been considering the property for some time.

However, the politician and his husband have not yet commented on the rumours. Position related.

Why might Jens Spahn and his husband want to move?

Jens Spahn and his husband currently live in the Schöneberg district of Berlin. Rumour has it, however, that life here has become too restless for the two of them. Perhaps the two are now also planning to put their plans for adopting a child into action and are on the lookout for a suitable domicile?

"Amen differently" - how do queer and church fit together?

Until such time as the two may make an official statement, the public is likely to be fishing in the mud.

A questionable time to buy a house?

The situation in Germany is tense among the population - especially due to the rising number of cases and the threat of another lockdown in the back of their minds. Accordingly, it seems a little strange when one of the country's best-known politicians decides to spend several million euros on a villa.

To be fair, however, it should also be taken into account that investments of this kind made by politicians are almost always subject to critical scrutiny and there may not be a "perfect" time.

However, it cannot be denied that Jens Spahn is one of the politicians who gained notoriety in the context of the Corona crisis. It is possible that the hullabaloo surrounding his person actually became too much for him. He would not be the only one to withdraw - at least a little - for these reasons. Christian Drosten also took a break from his podcast before the summer and after a discussion with Bild Zeitung on Twitter.

The purchase of a house and one's own private life as an unofficial topic

Not much is known about the private person Jens Spahn. He openly admits his homosexuality, but otherwise concentrates more on his political office. Among other things, the health minister is currently focusing on the implementation of compulsory Corona tests for holidaymakers returning from risk areas.

Spahn argues that these should be available free of charge to all ex-vacationers and at the same time defends the decision to issue a travel warning for Spain.

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Hans Benito 8. August 2021 um 14:07

I miss information about the financing. That is much more interesting. Maybe you can still learn something from it.
MfG Hans


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