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Do's and don'ts when chatting - making virtual flirting fun

Nobody wants them, nobody needs them: meaningless or intrusive messages while chatting or in the inbox. Especially not when you're actually looking for true love.

Anyone who once opted for a portal like e.g. Planet-Randy often wonders how best to approach others who are willing to flirt - especially if they are perhaps looking for more than just a flirt. One Night Stand seeks.

What is the best way to start a conversation and keep it going? How is it possible to present yourself in a particularly good light? With the following tips, the search for Mr. Right often becomes a little easier - regardless of whether he is to stay for one night or (ideally) for life.

The beginning - a very special hurdle! (or is it?)

The beginning of a conversation can already decide whether the conversation will last longer or not. If you want to stand out from the crowd of competitors, it is best to avoid phrases such as "...".Hey, how are you?" or "Well? All good?" waive

Such messages do not invite many people to have a conversation. Especially not if they are frequently on relevant platforms and accordingly have somewhat higher expectations of their virtual counterpart.

Instead, conversations can be started directly on a person-by-person basis. Anyone who responds directly to a profile shows that they are not a mindless "Copy-and-paste" texts are sent.

Use smilies wisely

The first hurdle is cleared: the conversation goes beyond small talk! Wonderful! Now it's time to get a little innovative. For many, one of the things to do here is to lighten the atmosphere with jokes of various kinds.

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With a smiley or a "LOLThe "yellow face" is a quick way of signalling that the joke has been received. Nevertheless, yellow faces and similar expressions of sympathy should never be used in an inflationary manner. Otherwise they will quickly appear unimaginative.

The thing about patience when chatting

Despite smartphones and the like, it cannot be assumed that the virtual counterpart always has time to respond. He, too, has a life with a job, duties and hobbies that he wants or has to fulfil.

If there is real interest, the addressee will also reply to messages - perhaps not after ten minutes, but certainly on the same day.

Caution! A classic mistake is lurking here! Most people find it extremely depressing to have numerous "Why don't you get in touch?" - to receive messages.

Too many after listeners of this kind are off-putting and almost convey a feeling of pure desperation. That's exactly what doesn't seem very sexy to most men.

Images - from Portrait to Dick Pic

Pictures play a particularly important role in chatting these days. Here, too, a few rules should be observed. The times when dick pics were something special are over. Today, no gay man looking for his suitable counterpart in relevant chats should be shocked by a penis picture.

Nevertheless, it is of course important to wait for the right moment. Depending on the personal chat goal, this can become topical sooner or later. Sending unsolicited pictures of this kind, however, often leaves the impression that here, freely according to the motto "I'm sending pictures to everyone and hope at least one gets back to me!" is acted upon.

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Stay open for new contacts

Many chat fans know the problem: the thousandth glance at the inbox shows that "he" has not yet replied.

In such a case, there is no point in waiting or wondering what went wrong. If you don't write back after several days, you seem to have no interest in further conversation.

In most cases, it does not help to ask. In such a situation, it is advisable to keep an eye out for new chat partners. Besides, who knows who will knock on the virtual door next?


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