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Poland supports LGBTIQ free zones

Poland supports LGBTIQ free zones

It is a bitter setback on the way to more tolerance and equality: Poland's LGBTIQ free zones receive support from their own country. After the EU had already made it unmistakably clear that the respective zones are discriminatory, Poland is apparently taking a different path.

Because: the government of the country has decided to financially support the LGBTIQ free areas. At the same time, those responsible praised the fact that family life is being promoted here.

The decision to support the homophobic regions was not met with enthusiasm by all Poles. Many demonstrated against the action and publicly addressed the responsible persons.

How should the LGBTIQ free zones be supported?

The regions of Poland that identify as LGBTIQ are to receive the equivalent of approximately 57,000 euros in the near future. A questionable praise and a correspondingly appalling support of lived homophobia.

An end to the support measures does not seem to be in sight either. Several media outlets have already reported that the Polish government seems to be very wary of such ambitions and is ready to reward new LGBTIQ-free zones as well.

In view of the fact that the prospect of a reward can seem quite lucrative in financial terms, it is to be hoped that not too many more cities will be tempted to join in here.

Because: through a further spread of LGBTIQ free zones and through the inevitable exclusion that comes with their creation, the Scene increasingly discriminated against. The aspect that a list with names of LGBTIQ activists has already been published via the Twitter news service also shows that the persons in question are increasingly stigmatised. Depending on who uses this said list to inform themselves, it could also be that the safety of the persons in question is at stake.

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Attacks on LGBTIQ scene in Poland - gays and lesbians live dangerously

The reports about attacks on gays and lesbians or members of the LGBTIQ scene in Poland do not stop. The reports about the support of the district. Declaring themselves LGBTIQ free underlines the fact that the state seems to be on the side of the homophobes and to share their opinion. Among other things, this frightening realisation is also underlined by the fact that several demonstrators who stood up for the rights of gays and lesbians in Poland were arrested and/or brutalised by the police.

In the meantime, however, more and more prominent personalities and members of the art scene are getting involved in the discussions. Among others, names such as Pedro Almodóvar (Spanish director) and Margaret Atwood (author from Canada) are ensuring that the topic receives more attention - also internationally. Meanwhile, Ursula von der Leyen also tweets on the topic. She clearly positions herself on the side of the LGBTIQ scene and calls for more tolerance and equal rights. She is celebrated by many gays and lesbians - also in Germany - for her clear words. The protests against Poland's treatment of members of the LGBTIQ community continue unabated. In this country, too, many people are now taking to the streets. The Polish government's decision to add fuel to the fire with financial subsidies is unlikely to ease the conflict.


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