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Spring is coming - exercises for a trained upper body

How to get a toned upper body by spring

Even if the current temperatures suggest otherwise: the next spring or summer without a trained upper body is coming! Accordingly, many people are already asking themselves to what extent their own resolutions to do more sport and exercise regularly have been implemented.

The good news: although the gyms are still closed, you don't have to do without an individual upper body workout. On the contrary! There are some exercises that can be done - even without an elaborately furnished home gym.

Below you will find helpful information and tips!

How often should training take place?

How to get a toned upper body by spring

Experts recommend a training session two to three times a week. Beginners are advised to first challenge the upper body as part of a full-body workout. The rest periods between the units are urgently needed for muscle development.

If you get sore muscles, it is better to wait an extra day before starting again. (A warm bath can help to alleviate the discomfort a little. If you want to take precautions, you should stretch sufficiently before and after training).

The right training sequence

How to get a toned upper body by spring

For an effective workout, it is important - especially at the beginning of your workout career - to follow a few rules of thumb. This means that the first step should be to train mainly the large muscles and then smaller muscles.

Or in other words: it is worthwhile to work the chest and back muscles first, then the abdomen and then the shoulders and arms. (The famous "Leg Day" should not be forgotten in this context either).

Strength athletes with experience can allow themselves to vary with regard to the sequence of muscle training. In this way, the body - to put it simply - is surprised again and again. And it is precisely this that prevents the muscles from becoming too accustomed to the training routine. A routine that has crept in could inhibit muscle building after a certain stage.

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Popular exercises for at home

To achieve an ideal result (and to exercise healthily) it is important that the exercises are performed correctly.

The following workout variations show how easy it is to do yourself here. active and home workouts can be much more than the typical bicep curl.

Exercise tip no. 1: the diagonal shoulder press

In this exercise the knees are supported on the floor and the tips of the feet are pulled in. Tense the trained upper body, place the arms stretched out in front of the body and rest on the palms. The face faces the floor and should be between the elbows.

Now lower the elbows and move the exercised upper body forward. When the buttocks and elbows are at the same height, return to the starting position.

Exercise idea no. 2: Push-ups on knees (ideal for beginners)

Push-up exercises are a real classic! Everything is a little easier on the knees. This exercise is also suitable for beginners.

The rule here is: support the body on the knees and the entire hand and keep the back straight. The head must fit into the straight line and thus become an extension of the spine. Place the palms shoulder-width (or a little wider) and bend the elbows.

At 45 degrees, pause briefly and then return to the starting position.

Exercise idea no. 3: the butterfly

This exercise starts in the prone position. Now raise the legs and arms slightly. The knees should also be in the air. Now the aim is to use the buttocks, lumbar and rear thigh muscles and bring the outstretched arms to the hips. The palms of the hands always point towards the floor.

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Important tips for after training

A perfect workout also includes the subsequent "cool down" phase. The exercises are used to shut down the body again.

Above all, a mix of light (!) cardio training, for example ten minutes of walking, and stretching are suitable for achieving precisely this goal. During the cool down, the fluid balance can be replenished a little before - after the shower - relaxation is the order of the day.


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