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A2M is a term from the gay scene and means "ass to mouth".


These terms come from English and stand for "ass to mouth".

This is a sex practice in which first the active partner has his or her
erect Penis into the anus of the passive partner and then inserts it into the mouth of the passive partner. The term "A2M" or also "ATM" is often used in the porn industry.

In fact, it can be a wonderful change of pace for both. After all, no one has claimed that gay men choose between anal sex and Blowjob would have to decide, wouldn't you? With A2M or ATM, there is accordingly more variety in the bed.

Nevertheless, it should of course also not be forgotten that this is - in the truest sense of the word - a matter of taste. Some gays find it quite a bit alienating to taste themselves... others find exactly that incredible horny. Especially in relationships where sex may have become a little boring, this is often a welcome alternative.

Here it is certainly also the mix of "dirty" and "turn-on" that is convincing. If you are unsure whether your partner is enthusiastic about A2M or ATM, you should openly express your desire. In search of something new, many couples might discover that this is a great change from classic sex. In the same way, however, it should also be respected if the partner does not feel like a blow job if the penis was previously "elsewhere". However, if you don't have a problem losing yourself in your passion, you will often find that A2M or ATM is nothing special.