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"Adult Baby / Diaper-Love" the nappy fetish for gay men

Adult Baby

The term "adult baby" comes from the English language and stands for "adult infant". To be more precise, it can be assigned to erotic ageplay. As the name suggests, it is about making your partner younger - at least in your imagination.

In no way do people with this preference - if it is acted out in the classical sense - have an interest in small children. Rather, the term "baby" is used to describe the partner who takes on the part of a baby or even a toddler in role-playing games.

Mostly this preference is found in the area of the BDSM. Overlaps with a nappy fetish are also possible. However, the trend around Adult Baby is not only in the Gay Scene widespread. Many straight people can also get enthusiastic about these practices. Among other things, they are not only used in BDSM institutions, but often also in private settings.

But be careful: even though it has already been mentioned that those who are enthusiastic about Adult Baby practices do not have to be interested in children per se, the transition could be fluid in individual cases and accordingly drift into a punishable area. Accordingly, it is important to remain attentive here.

Many accessories around the Adult Baby trend are now available in the classic sex shop and have thus become an integral part of gay and Straight sex scene. From nappies to rompers to pacifiers, just about everything is represented here. Many followers of the scene combine their passion with role play, in which, for example, one part takes on the role of the adult baby and the other that of the babysitter.