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A / P - The right choice for your orgasm

active passive

This abbreviation A / P stands for the terms "active" and "passive". Herewith are
Men who like both the active and the passive role and who like both.
Value and practise roles.

Of course, however, there are also gays who are enthusiastic about either the active or the passive side. "Active" here means preferring to be with the Penis to penetrate the partner's anus... To be "active". Passive gays, on the other hand, like it more with the Tail of the partner to be satisfied.

Does the size of the penis have anything to do with preference?

Certainly, the respective preference is always also dependent on the penis size of the beloved. A particularly large penis can - to a certain extent - be unpleasant and sometimes even painful.

Those who are enthusiastic about both their active and passive roles usually have no problem switching. Of course, it is particularly "practical" if both are compatible in that the active and passive preferences harmonise with each other. If, for example, both are enthusiastic about the active role, this can develop into a real problem in everyday sexual life. The same applies, of course, to two passive lovers.

A relationship between two "A / P" people can be all the more exciting and thrilling for it. Here, sex becomes a very special adventure, because both can reinvent themselves again and again. Or in other words: the cards are reshuffled every time they have sex.

At the same time, it would be wrong to regard a clear division of roles between "active" and "passive" as boring. On the contrary! As is so often the case, it is much more important here that the interests of both partners fit together.