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AAU the self-help group "Ans andere Ufer" in Bremen & East Frisia


AAU this abbreviation stands for "Ans andere Ufer" and is representative of a
Support group for the late Coming out for gay men in Germany. Self-help? Yes, exactly. After all, many gays have found it difficult to admit their passion and love for the same sex.

The phrase "He's "from the other side!" has long played a special role in society. Even though it has inserted itself into common usage as a kind of "winged word", it nevertheless shows - even if unconsciously - a clear separation between homos and heteros.

Whether this is perceived as discriminatory or not is certainly up to the interpretation of each individual. One thing is certain: the "other shore" seems to have become much more accessible (or at least within sight) - especially in the course of the last few years. The LGBTQ community has been strengthened more and more. There is certainly still no question of equal rights. But: due to numerous campaigns, the "other shore" at least does not seem to be as far away as it was decades ago.

On closer inspection, it is also noticeable that this designation possibly only implies that something is "different", but not "abnormal". A different place that - just like the heterosexuals' own shore - definitely has a right to exist.

Those who have recognised this for themselves, gay to be, might also feel encouraged to simply explore the "other shore". Who knows? Maybe not only one or two adventures are waiting there, but also the love of one's life?

Meetings are usually held here twice a month. Mostly come the dates come up on a Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm. You've never been there? You find the Advice & Action Centre for gays and lesbians in Bremen.

Due to the current "Corona virus" situation as of 23 April 2020, we ask you to call in advance to ask about the dates.

The contact person for the self-help group is Norbert:

Contact: Bremen0421 / 8979860 and 0171 / 3550838
Contact: East Frisia: 0151 / 10209895

The address is: Theodor-Körner-Straße 1, 28203 Bremen