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Monkey Maker - The popular toy of the BDSM scene

Monkey maker

"Monkey maker" is the name given to a tool or even a Toy from the range BDSM. Many gays also know the monkey maker as a testicle press, as a "testicle eater" or as an "attitude trainer.

This is a very special construction that consists of two brackets. These are screwed into each other. There is a recess in the middle of the bracket, which creates a particularly characteristic shape.

A part of the scrotum is fixed accordingly when it is put on or inserted. The result: the wearer of the monkey maker has no choice but to adopt a bent or kneeling posture. Otherwise the whole thing becomes very painful.

Especially in the SM Scene the monkey maker has meanwhile found its fans. It is the mix of pain and humiliation that ensures that nothing stands in the way of adventurous role play if desired. As with other BDSM sex toys, however, a "code word" should always be agreed upon. If the pain or the bent posture becomes unbearable, it is possible to free the testicle-wearer within a few moments.

Due to its special structure, the monkey maker is one of the Sextoyswhich are perceived by their users as particularly painful and - depending on taste - also as particularly stimulating.

The construct owes its name primarily to the fact that the man wearing the testicle press actually looks a little like a monkey. He has no choice but to remain in the corresponding position. But that is precisely what makes it so fascinating for many SM fans here. By the way: sore muscles are as good as pre-programmed here!