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AHF - This abbreviation stands for "armpit fuck".

AHF Armpit Fuck

This means that the partner has his erect Penis in the armpit of his sexual partner. Depending on your personal taste, this can of course also be done up to the Orgasm be delayed. However, some gays love to use the AHF as a kind of foreplay.

Especially practical: depending on personal taste, the armpit can of course be opened tighter or wider. Over time, many couples develop a sense of what the other person particularly likes here... And what less.

Tip: many gays find it more pleasant to enjoy the AHF in a shaved armpit. Of course, you should also avoid using too aggressive deodorants to prevent severe irritation - especially in the mucous membrane area. A little lubricant often helps to make sex in this special area even more pleasant.

AHF is a practice that is enjoyed by both experienced and beginner gays. Especially for the latter, it can help to slowly approach "real sex" with an AHF.

But also with regard to any gang-bang fantasies, it can be fun to engage in armpit fucks. Here, even two men then have the chance to take on the active role while a passive partner makes his armpits available. The choice of interesting positions should not be underestimated here either. In short: AHF is by no means a purely beginner's practice. With a little imagination and sufficient arm musculature, many sexy ideas emerge that ensure that everyday sex in gay Scene remains particularly varied.