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Al Fresco Sex, the sex in the wild like God made us


Al Fresco Sex is often referred to in everyday life as "Outdoor Sex"refers to sexual intercourse in the open air. This is sexual intercourse in the open air, for example in a forest, in the bush, on the beach or in a park.

Above all, it is certainly the allure of the forbidden that makes popular al fresco sex a special kind of variety. Depending on how brave a couple is, there may even be nothing in the way of a daytime lovemaking session.

But be careful! If you are caught, you will not always "only" be warned. Because: Sex in the open air or in public places is interpreted as "causing a public nuisance". Therefore, it is important to be appropriately careful when looking for a suitable place.

Especially in big cities, there are often places that are gay Scene are already known to be excellent for al fresco sex. Sometimes complete strangers meet here and spontaneously share their passion for fast sex. Here it can be worthwhile to inform yourself a little in advance.

However, Al Fresco sex can also help to take an already long-standing relationship to new heights. Those who are looking for a little variety outside their own four walls will certainly get their money's worth with the Al Fresco variant.

Of course, every responsible gay should also prepare himself sufficiently for his adventures on the beach or in the bush and carry condoms with him. Perfectly equipped like this, there's nothing to stand in the way of a little lovemaking with your own partner (or with someone you don't know yet). And who knows? Maybe sex date number 1 will be followed by other meetings?