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Abstinence Homosexual abstinence - Why gays desist from horny sex!


Abstinence means sexual abstinence. Abstinent people consciously (and voluntarily) abstain from sexuality - for a variety of reasons. Many live abstinently due to celibacy or have decided to wait for their "great love" before having sex for the first time.

The "no sex before marriage" trends should also not be underestimated in this context. What sounds like a rule from the previous century still plays an important role for many people today. Sometimes it is also a mix of inner conviction and one's own faith that leads to the corresponding decisions.

In some cases, however, abstinence can also be justified from a medical point of view. For example, if an infection is present or an operation has preceded.

Abstinence for moral, personal reasons is sometimes met with incomprehension by those around you. Few people can really understand what it can mean to wait "for the one" and not want to have sex until then. However, many abstainers do not mind. On the contrary, they feel it is an extreme sign of confidence to sleep with the right person "someday".

However, the latter also needs patience - for example before a wedding. Not everyone finds it easy to accept their partner's decision. Abstinence can therefore also be a real test of patience for those involved.

Last but not least, abstinence can, of course, also prevent STDs protect. After all, these are primarily caused by sex with changing partners. The individual risk of abstainers is accordingly comparatively low here - but still there.