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Seriousness in a relationship does not have to be a lust killer

The idea of being in a relationship with a serious person and still being happy and carefree sounds strange? Unfortunately, the prejudice persists that gays who, for example, think a lot and don't always go through life with 100 per cent optimism are not passionate, rousing partners. But why is that?

A serious person can be incredibly fascinating in many ways and often captivates his counterpart for that very reason.

In search of such a character, many gays find what they are looking for on the internet, for example via the classic chat. Many rather introverted men also find a great outlet here to present their own interesting character even better.

What does "serious" actually mean?

A person who does not necessarily go through life with a broad grin can be particularly mysterious. Because: a serious character does not mean not being friendly or obliging.

Rather, the focus here is on reflection about the challenges of everyday life and also often a stylish elegance. Such people can be extremely good listeners or conversational partners. They do not ridicule facts - as abstruse as they may sometimes seem - and are not infrequently regarded as masters of communication.

In short, seriousness can be an incredibly interesting trait that should not be underestimated in everyday life.

Seriousness can be sexy!

Many men appreciate a partner who values them and who - in whatever situation - does not make fun of them. But: seriousness can mean so much more! It usually also means being able to rely on each other and being caught in an emergency.

Therefore, a relationship with such a person can be very enriching and versatile. Especially when a gay is looking for a steady partner and finally wants to arrive after years of dating and flirting, he often appreciates the character traits of a more serious partner.

In short: even if partying, the classic one-night stand and dancing the night away are less on the to-do list here, this doesn't mean that this kind of partnership wouldn't be fun. On the contrary! Somehow it can be especially reassuring to know that someone is there who appreciates the other person, gives them an honest piece of their mind in an emergency and brings them back down to earth.