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The front part of the penis is called the glans.


The front part of the Penis is the glans. Most men are very sensitive in this area. It is therefore self-explanatory why the glans plays an important role during sex (and of course also during masturbation). Exactly what is perceived as pleasurable and how intensely depends, of course, on personal taste.

Especially with the Deepthroat or standard Blowjob technique, the glans can be stimulated particularly intensively. As this is a very sensitive area, it is important - despite all the passion - not to be too "rough". Playing with the teeth is not always perceived as pleasant here.

However, the possibilities for stimulating the glans are far more versatile than they might seem at first glance. For example, many gays love to rub their glans against each other. Often it's a mix of gentle touch and rhythm that can provide unforgettable orgasms.

Those who are looking for a little acorn inspiration often get their money's worth in modern porn. The various flicks have long since ceased to be exclusively about "just" having sex. Especially games in the context of which the Come can be observed even better, enjoy particular popularity.

In short: the glans is one of the areas of the penis that stands for a high level of eroticism and sex and is therefore the focus of attention for more and more gays... Both when fucking their partner and when masturbating.