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If you're cuddly, you don't always need sex

Who doesn't love it? Not only in the cold season is it fun to get cosy on the couch - preferably with a loved one, of course. Still alone at the moment? That doesn't have to be the case for much longer! Because: many cuddly gays are waiting to be discovered every day.

In the chat room you will certainly find many gay men who fit perfectly into your personal "booty pattern" and are just waiting to be invited on a date. But what are the advantages of having such a cuddly partner? One thing is certain: it doesn't always have to be sex! Cuddling together is particularly important, especially in long relationships.

Closeness in a very special way

Cuddling (at least in the first step) is not about sexual satisfaction. If you want to show your partner that you are there for him even far away from the mattresses, you can show this in different ways. Cuddly, gay men are usually considered to be particularly understanding and romantic - and are accordingly highly sought after when it comes to finding the "perfect dream guy".

Fortunately, many cuddly men are relatively open about their personal passion for caressing and holding. They know that their preference for not always "jumping right in" and just wanting to have sex is often well received. Especially if you are not looking for a hot ONS, you should be on the lookout for exactly these types.

What does everyday life look like with a cuddly partner by your side?

Breakfast in bed and then a round of cuddling? With a cuddly partner by your side, that's no problem! But it's often the little cuddles in everyday life that add a little zing to such a relationship. A fleeting embrace in the kitchen, gently leaning against a thrilling film: the opportunities to show the other person that you need to be close are many and varied and don't have to be boring.

Therefore, relationships in which both partners share the same views here are usually considered particularly harmonious. The need for touch is often not only lived out within one's own four walls, but also in public. Standing arm in arm or holding hands in the street with your love can be very liberating. With a cuddly partner by your side, expressions of love like this are usually no problem.