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Those who like to show off like to be watched during sex

You love to be watched during sex? In that case, you are definitely a show-off. People with such a fetish find it particularly arousing when others watch them fucking or masturbating, for example. The thrill of the other person possibly jerking off is particularly seductive.

Anyone who is enthusiastic about this kind of showing should, of course, rely on a partner who displays the same passion here.

Where can pointing be acted out?

There are many ways to live out your sexuality. Locations such as gay clubs and/or cruising locations are particularly popular. Here you will often find men who are just waiting to watch others having sex.

In purely pragmatic terms, this is even a classic win-win situation. Some love to be looked at and others look.

Of course, it is forbidden to peep and thus invade the privacy of others in an unpleasant way. But if you seek contact with couples who are willing to show off, find them and answer all the important questions in advance, you can be sure that you will not get into trouble if both parties agree.

What is actually the special kick?

Surely every showy gay man would give different reasons why he loves to be watched by others. For some it is the thought that his viewers get off on him, for others it is the idea that he wants to present himself in the "perfect" light.

One thing is certain: pointing is not a kind of perversion or anything like that. Rather, this particular fetish can take your sex life to a new level.

But as already mentioned: the important thing is that both have the same views here. No one should be forced to show himself if he does not want to. But: many men who like to show off also find it difficult to limit themselves here - for example at the request of their partner. Therefore, simply use our chat to find your suitable counterpart and carefully check out how your potential date feels about sex in front of others. Of course, you can also choose to live out your sexuality alone by "only" masturbating in front of your audience.