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Here you will find gay contacts who are passive

In this section, you'll find passive boys and men who love to get down and dirty. anal and let yourself be pampered oral pampering. In the process, the individual Preferences wide-ranging: from gentle Cuddle Sex from wild encounters in unusual places to fetish and BDSM, everything is included. You explore the boundaries together.

Here you can meet open-minded gays who are up for (almost) anything. Take a look at the profiles. Does everything fit? Then get in touch! Your potential dating partners are waiting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many are mobile and/or visitable. So you are not limited to a certain city or country.

Switcher: From the Bottom to the Top?

Some gays are Switchereven if they see themselves predominantly as "passive" or bottom. This means that they can also take on the role of the top - if the other person is "right". So role reversal is not ruled out per se. First and foremost, it's about enjoying.
Browse through the profiles of attractive passive gays and be surprised what develops!

Passive during sex? What does that actually mean?

Don't worry, it doesn't mean your dating partner will lie motionless in front of you like a board while you perform at your best on command.

To put it simply: "passive" is the person who takes on the passive role during sex, i.e. who allows himself to be rimmed and fucked. Another term for this is "bottom". However, the passive one who takes up your penis while blowing is quite active. (You know what I mean...)

Don't get too hung up on the terms! What's allowed is what's fun for everyone involved. Many gays don't see it too narrowly with the distribution of roles anyway. Bottom, top, passive, active? Fortunately, none of that is set in stone.

A role reversal during sex can be extremely exciting. And those who are versatile probably have the most fun with their bodies anyway.

If you're looking for a passive sex partner, you can look forward to gays who enjoy their bodies. They love to be pampered and are masters at giving Blow Jobs.

What are you waiting for? Start flirting today!

Passive gay contacts from your area