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Funny men can enrich everyday (relationship) life

Laughter can help to give a relationship between two people a constant boost. The statement "My partner should be funny!" has therefore become standard for many gays. Sure: sex is fun! However, when a connection goes beyond the classic one night stand, it quickly becomes apparent whether two gay men can also harmonise with each other in "normal everyday life".

Humour plays an incredibly important role in this context when it comes to creating common ground. However, being funny does not mean that you have to crack jokes regularly or always be in a good mood. A corresponding attitude to life and the ability to go through life in a positive way can show itself on many other levels.

How can I recognise a funny gay man?

Funny, gay men can often be recognised by very specific points. Especially in chat they are not stingy with jokes and sexy flirting tricks and are therefore almost always good for a surprise. Some men with these traits even have the ability to make others laugh with their good humour (and not least with their sayings).

In short: to be really angry with such a gay after a quarrel could be quite difficult. All the better! After all, it's actually much more fun to make up as soon as possible, isn't it?

Funny and witty - does that exist?

Unfortunately, many men who laugh frequently, tell jokes and accordingly like to spread good humour are often underestimated. Yet they can be serious conversational partners. They are therefore quite capable of livening up a party and are often particularly well received by their partner's circle of friends.

No wonder! After all, they are likeable contemporaries who always manage to win the hearts of their conversation partners. Therefore, funny and intellectual do not have to be mutually exclusive. On the contrary! Those who have found a person who combines both character traits often enjoy the presence of a very special partner.

You have found - for example in chat - a gay man who inspires you and can make you laugh again and again? Then it might make sense not to let him go. Maybe he is your very own "Mr. Right"? After all, a lot of passion, good sex and a lot of variety are ideally complemented by a lot of laughter. A great basis for an improved quality of life!