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A healthy dose of laziness can be quite sexy

Being lazy is not necessarily considered sexy by many gays. But why not, actually? Many gay men who don't clean their flat every day or make regular pilgrimages to the gym are extremely lovable.

Often it is also the combination of a rather lazy and a rather hard-working partner that can create the basis for a successful relationship. Of course, this is only true if said laziness is not pursued to excess. But: a little carelessness or relaxation in everyday life can definitely contribute to a partnership benefiting in many ways.

And: as long as lazy, gay men can bring themselves to log on to a chat on the internet to meet new partners for relationships and/or one night stands, everything is actually fine, isn't it?

Be lazy and enjoy life

People who claim to be lazy do not necessarily have to be sluggish and listless. Especially people who are aware of not being 100 per cent and really always hardworking usually know how important it is to shift down a gear every now and then. Exactly this ability is then often reflected in the context of a partnership.

The calmness that a person who tends to be lazy radiates can certainly rub off (in a positive way) on his counterpart. Many men love to surround themselves with such relaxed gays for this very reason - regardless of whether they are friends or partners.

However, it should definitely be emphasised that there are differences. People who just go about their day, rely on others and have absolutely no regular daily routine are perceived by many people as unattractive and "non-relatable". In contrast, a "normal" degree of laziness seems particularly likeable and ultimately also simply human.

Where can you find a lazy partner?

Many gays, who suffer from laziness to a certain extent, prefer the evening at home on the couch to the bar night. It is precisely this aspect that makes it so difficult to meet these people offline. They do, however, love to hang out on the internet and chat with other gays.

Another advantage: those who describe themselves as "not particularly hardworking" usually have the ability to assess themselves well (and honestly or self-critically). This means: just because a gay man perceives himself as "lazy" (perhaps also in comparison to an overactive colleague), this does not necessarily mean something negative! Maybe the person is just a little too hard on himself!