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Being moody can become incredibly sexy

"I like it when my partner is a little moody! - Admittedly, anyone who utters this sentence may be looked at a little sceptically by the other person at first. But why is that? There are people who appreciate the moods of a not always cheerful or bitchy partner and find them - to a certain extent - sexy.

After all, a discussion with such a partner is often followed by hot make-up sex.

What does moody actually mean?

Good question. Because: surely every gay man has different views here. For some, the classic morning grouch is already considered moody. Others see the threshold to a bad mood only crossed when their partner doesn't want to be spoken to all day.

In short: whether a person is perceived as ill-tempered or not always depends a little on one's own attitude.

Many gays, however, find it a special challenge to deal with such a partner and to cheer him up again and again. What may sound tiring to some, others find particularly appealing. After all, such a person challenges his partner again and again.

Sexy role-playing games?

Those who are basically in a good mood but are enthusiastic (perhaps also in an erotic way) about various whims should also find a welcome change in the corresponding role-playing games.

How about, for example, having to convince the "bad-tempered policeman" of your own innocence? There are almost no limits to the imagination here.

Looking for a whimsical partner - you'll find it here!

Many gays are well aware of their idiosyncrasies in terms of individual moods and their penchant for a certain whim. Especially in chats, they are often particularly open about their corresponding character trait and sometimes do not hide their (supposed) weakness.

This means that you usually know exactly what you are getting into (for example, at a real date). Do you love the challenge of having to prove your love anew every day? You find whims not only exciting, but also a little sexy? In this case you will definitely get your money's worth with such a partner! Just take a little time, chat and get to know your (still) virtual counterpart. If you can't tell between the lines whether the gay man you're chatting with is funny or not, ask him directly. But be careful! Maybe you'll be put in your place for the first time for being so direct!