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Friendly and sexy is not possible? You bet!

It may sound a little old-fashioned, but: If you are a gay man looking for a long-term relationship (or a one-night stand), you should not only be convincing visually and in terms of character, but ultimately also friendly.

Because: this character trait is not outdated even in the 21st century! The possibilities to show one's own friendliness in the most diverse facets are particularly versatile. It's not just about holding the car door open for your flirt partner, for example, or showing up on time for an agreed chat date.

Rather, lived kindness is a character trait that, among other things, shows a high degree of respect for the respective partner.

Friendly gays - anything but boring!

No matter what age group: gay men who openly approach others, fulfil one or two wishes or simply listen to them are particularly popular. With them, you can usually be sure to have found a particularly obliging conversational partner.

Moreover, these are usually the very people who can be introduced to one's own circle of friends without bellyache or reservations. Friendly men are popular and accordingly have by no means gone out of fashion. Those who are looking for such an obliging gentleman often find what they are looking for on the internet.

The special character trait and the endearing nature are sometimes already noticed here in the context of chats. Here, too, politeness and a pleasant conversational atmosphere come first. In short: almost every single gay man should feel comfortable with a friendly man at his side. Of course, the whole thing is particularly harmonious when both characters fit together well.

Nice, sexy and just adorable!

Direct contact with nice men often shows that the assumption that this is a less sexy trait is a clear prejudice.

Who doesn't love to be courted by the other person? Whether every wish is read from the eyes or whether it is merely a matter of saying "I like you!" through the nose in the context of the niceties shown depends, of course, on the respective situation.

But: many long-term relationships once started with exactly these gestures and have managed to develop even further over the years. Therefore, it makes sense to say goodbye to the idea that "nice is boring and monotonous in the long run" and to realise that it is often the obliging "little things" that can make the feelings between two people (whether sexual or emotional) grow.