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If you're into licking, you like to lick your partner's butt or other areas of the body.

Many people associate licking with classic lesbian sex. But: this technique is also particularly popular among gay men when it comes to making the other person come. Orgasm to bring.

Almost all parts of the body are suitable for licking. No matter whether TailButtocks or nipples: it's possible to let your imagination run wild here. Many men also love to bring their partner to orgasm through licking alone and not through classic sex.

If you want to sweeten the fun a little more, you can also work with various aids. For example, cream is an excellent way to be licked off the other person's body. On the other hand, if you want to lick each other, you can opt for the popular "69" lick.Position and thus - quite incidentally - ensure that both get their money's worth. come.

The special thing about the different techniques is that the respective areas of the body can usually be stimulated completely differently with the tongue than with the hands. The touches are usually gentler... and often a little dirtier.

Practically, of course, the licking of the Penis also wonderful with a Blowjob and a subsequent Cumshot can be combined.

However, body hygiene plays a particularly important role here. If you want to enjoy licking to the fullest, you should definitely clean your ass with a Anal shower prepare for this. But also with regard to the licking of nipples and co. it is more pleasant if both have showered (together?) beforehand.