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Bitchy gays are considered very sexy by many

"Don't be such a bitch!" - who hasn't heard this phrase? But what sends cold shivers down the spine of some people seems like a special challenge to others. Because: bitchy gay men can be very sexy. Some men quickly feel bored if the everyday relationship always runs smoothly. They want action, a little discussion and ... make-up sex. All this is often no problem with a bitchy partner by your side.

What does bitchy actually mean?

Such a trait can show itself on the most diverse levels. And: of course, not all gay men are always in a bad mood! It is rather the little teasing and the events of everyday life that often make such men fly off the handle a little (or a little more).

The food in the restaurant is cold? The partner is five minutes late? For some men, this is where the world comes crashing down. But this is exactly what makes them so lovable for their sweetheart in the end.

Whose task? Smoothing out the waves! Sometimes this works better, sometimes worse. But perhaps it is precisely this thrill that makes being with a bitchy gay so exciting.

Bitchy gay men in chat

Attention! Some gays often find it a little difficult to admit their special character trait. Therefore, it is sometimes not easy to recognise them just by exchanging messages. Of course, you want to show your best side and not find out how short the fuse of your swarm is by too nasty teasing. Therefore: give him and yourself some time.

In the course of the first few dates, the first (more or less strong) tendencies can be recognised, especially with regard to the temperament of your counterpart. And don't worry: even if hot-tempered gays sometimes get loud, this doesn't usually mean the end of your relationship. On the contrary! Many of them appreciate it when they come into contact with someone who is capable of countering.